Careem Gives A Heart-Warming Surprise For Their Captains On Eid

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    Careem flew down two of their captains’ families from their hometown to spend Eid in the UAE. The surprise was truly heart-warming!

    What’s It?

    Careem just gave a big Eid surprise to two of their captains by re-uniting them with their families.

    The car hailing company joined hands with Emitaes Islamic bank flew down their two of their captain’s families from their hometown to spend Eid in the UAE. The captains thought it was a routine airport pickup and united with their families instead.

    Careem shared the reactions of the captains on Twitter and its adorable!

    What Else?

    Meanwhile, Careem has also unveiled a new feature that allows riders to hail RTA taxis using the same app. Guests can then pay using a credit or debit card.

    Taxi drivers are also given a map and directions that will help them reach the preferred destination without hassle. The booking involves two simple steps:

    1. Open Careem app, select RTA Taxi under car options
    2. Payment will automatically be deducted from your mapped debit or credit card

    This is a new initiative by Careem, in order to make RTA taxis more easily available.

    Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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