This Cat Island In Japan Is Purrfect for Cat Lovers!

by Nainisha Mehta
This Cat Island In Japan Is Purrfect for Cat Lovers!

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Japan is obsessed with cats! Don’t believe it? Well, Tashirojima Island will clear all your doubts! This island is famous for its several hundred feline inhabitants.

Cats welcome visitors at the harbour. Source: Johnny Times

What Is It?

The Japanese believe that cats bring them good luck and fortune. At Tashirojima you’ll find that in plenty. Out of the 11 cat islands in Japan, Tashirojima is one where cats outnumber the people. With only about a hundred people living on the island, the primary residents are furry cats! The cats were brought in to control the rodent population and as predators for silkworms. Now, they’ve made this island their home and the residents worship them. Considering the cats here as pets is frowned upon. Residents think of them as friends who are well cared and well fed. The ratio of cats to humans is 6:1 on this small island.

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Purrfect Vacation
A purrfect vacation! Source: hoax or fact

What Else?

There’s also a cat shrine in the middle of the island. When a rock fell on the cat and killed it, a fisherman felt sorry for the loss, buried it and enshrined the spot. The Miyagi prefecture now has over 51 stone monuments in shape of cats. This island is surely a paradise for those wanting to be surrounded by pawesomeness. You can totally live out her cat-lady days here. Feeding and playing with these purrfect creatures.

Cat Shrine
Cat Shrine at Tashirojima. Source:

Anything Else?

You have to see it to believe it. The cats are ruling this island and drawing curious travelers. There’s not much to do around on the island but just play with these felines. However, one other major attraction is the ‘manga island’ in Tashirojima where manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori built cat-shaped lodges for visitors. You can get lots of cat merch in here!

Manga Resort
Manga Resort. Source:

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