Cat Lovers, We Have Pawesome News! This Shelter Is Offering FREE Cat Adoptions All June

by Sanjana Shenoy
Cat Lovers, We Have Pawesome News! This Shelter Is Offering FREE Cat Adoptions All June

Cats! They look at you with the most curious eyes, a twitch in their whiskers, playfulness in their stride and bam! There are hearts melting, everywhere! Cat lovers in New York have all the reason to be super excited because one cool shelter is offering free cat adoptions for all of June. And we can’t wait to fill you in on this pawesome news.

Free Cat Adoptions For Cat Lovers In New York

According to a TimeOut story, Best Friends Animal Society in New York is offering free cat adoptions for the month of June. This is a leading animal welfare organisation in the city with the telos to stop American shelters from killing cats and dogs by 2025. So, for the entire month of June, which is also Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, cat lovers can adopt cats for free at its Soho centre.

Whisker, the brand behind self-cleaning cat robots and Best Friends Animal Society have teamed up for this noble cause. Whisker will offer $100,000 in cash and kind to the Best Friends Lifesaving Center. By offering this cash donation, Whisker has waived off all cat and kitten adoption fees in the vicinity. With this funding, the animal organisation can open shelters for felines, especially during the Kitten Season.

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No Adoption Fees To Encourage People To Give Felines A Loving Home

During this Kitten Season— May to November —unspayed female cats give birth to kittens. The CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, Julie Castle reveals to Time Out that she is grateful for the partnership with Whisker. She says the reason behind this is that they are funding cat and kitten adoption fees, so cats can get adopted free of cost. The CEO further adds that the free cat adoptions comes at a time when shelters face a massive increase in cat populations.

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With the aim of taking America to a no-kill policy by 2025, Whisker can help cats, their at-risk animals to find loving homes. If you’re from New York and are eager to adopt a cat for here click here. Help these kittens and cats find a nurturing home where they’d bring as much joy into your lives as you bring to theirs!

Cover Image Courtesy: @bestfriendsanimalsociety/ Instagram