Chakli, Chutney And Pav! This Vada Pav From Mumbai Has Netizens Aghast

by Shreya Rathod
Chakli, Chutney And Pav! This Vada Pav From Mumbai Has Netizens Aghast

Mumbai is home to some delicious snack items, and one of them is vada pav! The fried aloo vada served with pav and spicy chutney is a delight to eat. Another food item that is typically served during Diwali is chakli. However, can you think of combining chakli with pav? Well, in Mumbai, this street vendor has done the unthinkable and created cheesy chakli pav!

Watch This Mumbai Vendor Make Cheesy Chakli Pav


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For many of us, eating food from the street is our absolute fave! We all have our go-to faves, whether it’s the classic delight of pani puri or the mouthwatering vada pav. But occasionally, nothing tops the familiarity of the old favourites. One such instance recently provided further evidence for this claim. A blogger recently recorded an odd pav dish with cheese and chakli in it, which went viral.

The video was uploaded by Naman Parmar on his Instagram handle ‘lets.eattogether’. The post was captioned as ‘only one in Mumbai cheese chakli pav’. You could see the bizarre dish being made in the cheese chakli vada pav video. A pav was first cut in half, then two separate chutneys were spread on the pav.

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The pav was then topped with a single piece of chakli and some diced onions and cheese slices. It was then cooked up on a grill before being served with a dollop of butter on top. The vendor had the name Shri Kashi Foods and was situated in Mumbai’s Mulund West neighbourhood.

Netizens Are Furious On This Combination

chakli pav mumbai
Credits: Naman Parmar/ Instagram

The blogger claimed that the dish had the “perfect balance of crunchy and soft.” However, other Mumbai residents appeared to disagree. The viral video’s comments section was flooded with horrified responses. In fact, one of the users wrote that the dish is only one in Mumbai as no one wants it.

Another user asked if God has given everyone a mouth, does that mean they will eat anything. A user wrote and asked to stop mayo and cheese in everything. Moreover, she feels like food bloggers are responsible for this.

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Comment below and share your thoughts about this bizarre dish. And if you are a Mumbaikar, tell us if you have tried this chakli pav.

Cover Image Courtesy: Naman Parmar/ Instagram