Chandon India Elevates Indian Winemaking With Silver Medals At Decanter World Wine Awards 2024!

The achievement highlights India's rising prominence in winemaking.

by Mallika Khurana
Chandon India Elevates Indian Winemaking With Silver Medals At Decanter World Wine Awards 2024!

In an exhilarating affirmation of India’s burgeoning presence in the global wine industry, Chandon India, the premium sparkling wine brand under the illustrious Moët Hennessy umbrella, has once again captivated the world stage. The prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards 2024, held in London, have bestowed high honours upon Chandon India, recognising the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of its entire range of made-in-India wines.

Chandon India Wins Big At Decanter Awards

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Photo Credits: Chandon India/Instagram

The Decanter World Wine Awards stands as one of the most esteemed and rigorous wine competitions globally. The awards are certainly a mark of distinction in the wine industry, chosen by a panel of 243 top wine experts from 33 countries, including 20 Master Sommeliers and 61 Masters of Wine. With more than 18,000 wines from 57 nations blind-tasted during the competition, Chandon India’s win is especially remarkable.

The announcement of the triumphs on July 8, 2024, certainly inspired pride among Indian winemakers. The Brut, Rosé, and recently released Aurva were all given silver medals. The Aurva received 90 points, the Rosé scored an amazing 93 points, and the Chandon Brut scored 91 points. 

“We are absolutely thrilled and immensely proud of Chandon India’s remarkable success at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2024. At Moët Hennessy India, we are committed to pioneering excellence and innovation in the world of wine, and these awards affirm our dedication to producing world-class wines right here in India,” said Ipsita Das, Managing Director, Moët Hennessy India.

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Celebrating Excellence In Sparkling Wines

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Photo Credits: Chandon India/Instagram

The Decanter awards are the most recent in a long line of honours for Chandon India. It has won awards at major competitions such as the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC) and the International Wine Challenge (IWC). The excellence of Chandon India’s Brut Rosé was further highlighted when it was named the National Champion for Best Indian Sparkling Wine at the CSWWC in prior years.

“This recognition at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2024 is a moment of immense pride for me, underscoring our mission to elevate India’s global standing in winemaking. Each wine we craft is a tribute to India’s rich terroirs, reflecting our dedication to excellence and innovation,” said Kaushal Khairnar, Winemaker at Chandon India.

The brand’s steady success serves as a sign of the nation’s potential in the international wine market. It presents Indian terroirs’ diversity and the sophisticated palates of Indian winemakers. Chandon India is a brand that is elevated when it keeps pushing the boundaries. It also creates the opportunity for other Indian wines to gain global recognition.

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