Inside IDAAYA, India’s Premium Himalayan Rum, Crafted With Arthashastra-Inspired Techniques & Bourbon Barrel Magic

Savour its rich flavours and journey through India’s heritage in each sip.

by Mallika Khurana
Inside IDAAYA, India’s Premium Himalayan Rum, Crafted With Arthashastra-Inspired Techniques & Bourbon Barrel Magic

In recent years, the world has witnessed a renaissance of rum, with enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike turning their attention to this timeless spirit. No longer confined to tropical beaches or pirate lore, rum has evolved into a sophisticated choice for sipping and savouring. This resurgence is marked by the emergence of premium, meticulously crafted rums that offer more than just a drink—they provide an experience. Among these exceptional creations is IDAAYA, a premium sipping rum from the heart of the Himalayas, introduced by Those Good Distillerss.

IDAAYA, A Sip Of Heritage And Tradition


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IDAAYA is not just another rum; it is a journey through India’s rich heritage of spirit-making, anchored in ancient wisdom and tradition. This meticulously crafted dark rum blends the time-honoured with the contemporary to create a memorable drinking experience amidst the chaos of everyday life. It invites you to pause, reflect, and savour each sip. As Karishma Manga Bedi, Founder and Chief Everything Officer of IDAAYA, puts it, “We aim to offer our customers more than just a premium rum; we provide a unique experience that takes them through a doorway of limitless discovery with each sip.”

IDAAYA’s creation draws inspiration from the ancient Indian scripture, the Arthashastra. It references a drink made by fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice, known as Amlasidhu. Bedi explains, “Inspired by these ancient references, we are using two techniques to treat our casks, which are proprietary to IDAAYA. These are Lepam, where a paste is smeared inside the cask, and Dhoopam, where the casks are smoked. Historically, these methods were used to treat, disinfect, and close gaps in the casks. Such treatments allow the casks to take on distinct characteristics based on the ingredients used, which in this case are all indigenous to India.”

The high mountain altitude, crisp, cool air, and pristine Himalayan spring water are intrinsic to IDAAYA’s unique character. These environmental factors play a significant role in the rum’s flavour profile. Bedi describes the process: “Given changes in temperature between day and night and between summer and winter, such changes in the mountains allow the barrels to contract and expand. Along with temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity, it plays a part in the flavour profile imparted to the rum.” 

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The Effects Of Solera System And Sal Wood Casks


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One of the unique aspects of IDAAYA is its use of the Solera system in Sal wood casks, a method that differs from traditional ageing processes. “We choose to work with Sal wood, which is indigenous to India and also grows at the base of the Himalayas,” says Bedi. The product is very consistent, thanks to the Solera bottling system. For this reason, the team decides to bottle IDAAYA in this particular way. This process guarantees that every bottle of IDAAYA keeps its flavour profile harmonious, providing a reliable and great-tasting experience.

IDAAYA’s blend of Indian rum with a 12-year-old rum aged in Bourbon casks adds to its complexity and depth. Bedi revealed that the idea behind IDAAYA was to produce a liquid that would have a taste and profile more akin to a single malt, without being overtly masculine or feminine. This thoughtful blending process results in a rum that balances rich flavours with a dry finish. It creates a nuanced and sophisticated profile that appeals to a wide range of palates.

The tasting notes of IDAAYA reveal flavours like jaggery, vanilla, dark chocolate, and tropical fruits, reflecting the spirit of the Himalayas and the cultural heritage of India. Bedi elaborates, “For myself, I love the viscosity of the liquid, as it has a silken and velvety mouthfeel resembling Mulethi. The fruit profile also has a touch of orange and ginger for my palate. To taste, most of these profiles were reminiscent of India to me.” Each sip of IDAAYA peels back layers of mystery, leaving a lingering taste that transports you to the majestic mountains.

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Moments Of Reflection And Solace


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IDAAYA is designed to offer moments of reflection and solace, providing a drinking experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether enjoyed alone or in good company, IDAAYA invites you to pause, savour, and appreciate the beauty of the moment.

The rise in popularity of spirits crafted in unique locations, like the Himalayas, speaks to the allure of distinctive geographical settings. Bedi believes that the terroir should be chosen according to the spirit being produced. She expressed her belief that geographic locations—in this case, the Himalayas—are a great way to give our brand roots and are representative of the brand philosophy. The Himalayas provide not only a unique environment for ageing the rum but also a profound connection to India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

As IDAAYA continues to make waves in the spirits industry, there are exciting innovations and collaborations on the horizon. This is just the first from IDAAYA and Those Good Distillerss,” Bedi hints. She disclosed that there will be more innovations soon for the customers to enjoy; details will be provided in due course.

For rum lovers, IDAAYA offers more than just a drink. It also offers a journey through the heart of the Himalayas, a taste of India’s rich heritage, and a moment of reflection and solace. 

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