Chase The Milky Way At The Brand New Astroport Sariska

by Kritika Kukreja
Chase The Milky Way At The Brand New Astroport Sariska

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For all the stargazers and night owls out there, India’s new ‘Astroport Sariska’ welcomes you.

Astroport Sariska

Astroport Sariska

Now you can bask in the starlight with your significant other and share sweet nothings till the sun comes up. Located close to the Sariska National Park, this ‘astro resort’ treats you to the soothing night-sky. Now you can enjoy your peace away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. if you’re somebody who loves to enjoy life under the moonlight, this is the place to be. With much needed quiet and calm, this resort was built for the ones looking to unwind. Especially set up to be India’s first ever adventure and astronomy resort, we have high hopes from Astroport Sariska. 

Stargazing at Astroport Sariska

What’s In It?

With barely any noise and pollution of a busy city, you can stay in the pleasurable company of gazillion stars all night long. You can use the aid of specialized equipments like telescopes and charts to take a peg at the hobby of stargazing that you always wanted to do. 

What’s Unique? 

You can hire a trainer that will guide you through courses of astronomy, zodiac telling and telescope making during the night time. During the day, the resort offers fun activities for the adventurous soul to indulge in like wildlife photography, camel safaris, rock climbing, birdwatching and experiencing the Rajasthan culture.

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How To Get There?

If you wish to forget all your worries and relax your mind at the Astroport Sariska, you will have to travel a little further from Jaipur. The resort is located nearly 115 km from Jaipur, Rajasthan. There’s another great way to get there. Once you’re at Sariska National Park, you are only 5 km away from the resort. It is to be one of the darkest regions in India, so you can thoroughly enjoy stargazing.


Official Website:

Book here: Astroport Sariska 

Phone : + 91 9278767700

Tariff: Accommodation for all guests will be available as a form of Swiss Tent Cottages costing ₹ 13,000 per night. Bathrooms and amenities will be provided within the cottage itself. There are some more Pitch-able Tents that will cost ₹ 5,400 per night. All rates are inclusive of meals and services.

Panoramic view of the Milkyway seen only at Astroport Sariska

It might be difficult to find a peaceful place where you can hear the crickets noises and watch the beautiful fireflies, but Astroport Sariska surely makes a dream come true for many people.