Check-In Your Baggage With Emirates New DIFC Facility & Breeze Through The Airport Later!

by Deeplata Garde
Check-In Your Baggage With Emirates New DIFC Facility & Breeze Through The Airport Later!

Emirates has always been at the forefront to make travelling an enjoyable experience for travellers. And in the continued process, the Dubai Based airline, Emirates has introduced a new check-in service that can help passengers carry out several activities right at one click. It’s time and energy-savvy for others. So let’s check out how to check in baggage at this new store built in DIFC.

How To Check-In Your Baggage?

Here’s a simple guide to understanding the new check-in system of Emirates. It is divided into two simplified versions. First is to take help from Sara, the robot placed at the facility. The latter is to check in from home. Let’s check out the steps for both of these processes.

Check-In At The DIFC Facility

  1. Visit the facility between 8 am to 10 pm.
  2. Go to the self-check-in kiosks
  3. Fill out the details asked on the screen.
  4. Stick the bag tag on your luggage.

Voila! You are good to go. Safe some extra time for yourself as you have self-checked in with Emirate’s new facility.

Get Help From Sara, The New Robot!

  1. Scan your passports with the Robotic device, Sara.
  2. The Robot will then verify your travel information.
  3. Post that, Sara will provide a boarding pass & bag tag.
  4. One can also check certain shopping options provided by Sara.
  5. Once done, Sara will guide you through the spot to drop baggage at the facility.

By doing this early self-check-in at the new facility of Emirates, you can cut some slack and avoid last-minute pressure.

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Check-In From Home With Emirates

DUBZ agents will help Emirates passengers to check in from any comfortable as they pay a visit at your called location. Be it home, office or any other venue, Emirates will help you with an online check-in so you can breeze through the airport on the D-day of travel.

For First class passengers, this service for Emirates passengers is complimentary. Let’s understand the steps.

  1. Book Your Home Check-In With Emirates.
  2. An agent from the airline will visit your requested location.
  3. It will check your travel information and verify the details of a booking.
  4. Once done, the luggage will be carried out by them to the airport.

You can check in yourself and the people accompanying you through the home check-in system by Emirates.

Hope this guide helps you on your upcoming trip!

Cover Image Courtesy: Emirates