Cheese Maggi Appe, New Victim Of Experimentation; Foodies Say, “Maggie Ke Sath Athyachar Roko”

by Shreya Ghosh
Cheese Maggi Appe, New Victim Of Experimentation; Foodies Say, “Maggie Ke Sath Athyachar Roko”

A new day comes with a long list of videos showing experimentation with different food items. Be it using unconventional or not-so-popular ingredients or cooking something weird with our favourite food items such as Maggi, pizza, tea, or dosa, these videos trend a lot on social media. One of the newest food experimental videos is Cheese Maggi Appe and here’s all you need to know about it.

What Is This Viral Recipe About?

Taking to Instagram, digital creator divyanshi | indore foodblogger (@foodophile_23) shared a recipe for preparing the famous South Indian food, appe but this comes with a huge twist.

She greases the mould with some oil and starts cooking this unique dish. For the outer covering, she layers the mould with cooked Maggi. For the filling, she uses small cubes of cheese. After placing everything accordingly, she closes the lid and cooks for some time. Once the bottom layer of Maggi gets a bit brown, she flips the appe and cooks for a couple of minutes once again with a closed lid. The cheese oozes out of all the appe and it looks quite appetising too. The video looks quite simple and easy to make at home. But do Netizens like it?

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Are Netizens Impressed With The Cheese Maggi Appe Recipe? Let’s Find Out!

Cheese Maggi Appe
Picture credit- Instagram/ divyanshi | indore foodblogger (@foodophile_23)

Shared on 4 August, the video has garnered over 67K views with thousands of views and many comments. This Cheese Maggi Appe recipe is a blend of everyone’s favourite Maggi and the popular South Indian delicacy. The video is going viral on the Internet and getting different views and opinions from different people. Netizens have some mixed comments about the cheesy recipe. While some have expressed their love and appreciation for the deliciousness of Cheese Maggi Appe, some foodies have also commented how they do not want to see someone cooking Maggi in this way.

Someone wrote, “Looks good 👍”. An Instagrammer said, “Yummy 😋😋”. A user commented, “Narak me bhi jga nahi milegi. Stop this.”. A comment read, “Maggie ke sath athyachar roko”.

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Well, are you going to give this Cheese Maggi Appe recipe a try?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ divyanshi | indore foodblogger (@foodophile_23)