Cheetos Chicken Pasta, Anyone? This Cafe In Jumeirah Will Give You A Good ‘Overdose’ Of Cheesy Cravings

by Deeplata Garde 239

Did anyone say cheese? Oh, you have our attention. We all crave food that satisfies our cravings and our Insta feed. This cafe in Jumeirah is an answer to both your needs. Get ready to satiate all the cheese cravings and overdose you needed in your life.

Elegant Decor, Instagrammable Food And So Much More


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It’s going to be an Overdose folks! Their Instagram page looks so impressive. Every dish you look at is dripping cheese, sauce and deliciousness. The dishes are budget-friendly too. So let’s dig into the range of interesting dishes Overdose cafe has curated for the menu.

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Cheetos Chicken Pasta, Red Velvet Chicken And So Much More!


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Never heard such combinations and names? Neither did we. But Overdose is offering guaranteed mouthwatering food in the Jumeirah neighbourhood. Let’s start counting.

Tsunami fries, Tsunami pasta, Red velvet cake, Cheetos Chicken Pasta and Sushi tacos caught our eye. From veg, chicken and shrimp, there’s something for everyone. Dynamite shrimp are served in a cocktail glass, pasta comes filled in a mason jar to make it look more appetizing. And their dish called truffle passion looks so good you hardly feel to destroy it while eating.  Krusty Krab salad looks like a coleslaw-covered dish. Billionaire fries are also an option to try. Yum, it sounds.

Sorry vegans we doubt you can find something here to suit your diet.

They also introduced a KitKat tower that was drizzled with chocolate sauce. Apart from that, chocolate dynamite comes with a jar full of fudgy chocolate sauce dripping all over it. Overdose has answers to all your savoury and sweet cravings in one place.

So what are you planning to have at Overdose? But we assure you it’s hard to resist the dishes and choosing one out of all is going to be a difficult situation.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Overdose