Chef Has Speedy Hack For Making Chocolate Croissants; Netizens Say, “Work Smart, Not Harder”

An Italian Chef prepared chocolate croissants with a unique twist.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Chef Has Speedy Hack For Making Chocolate Croissants; Netizens Say, “Work Smart, Not Harder”

There’s nothing quite like biting into a perfectly golden croissant. Flaky bits lace the sides of your mouth. The warm gooey chocolate filling instantly puts a wide smile on your face. Pair it with a cup of coffee and that’s how you bring a little romance into your life. Recently, a video has been going viral on the Internet as a chef showed off his speedy hack to prepare chocolate croissants.

Italian Chef Has A Smart & Quick Way To Prepare Chocolate Croissants

A food vlogger, Lizzi Riccardo shared a video on Instagram of an Italian chef preparing chocolate croissants in a massive industry kitchen. In the caption, the food vlogger writes, “Cornetti Al Cioccolato” which translates to Chocolate Croissant in Italian. The chef is seen preparing lip-smacking chocolate croissants with a speedy hack. On the kitchen table are sliced pieces of dough with a generous dollop of chocolate in each of them. Instead of slowly rolling the pieces of dough to form a triangular shape, the Italian chef has a unique hack to prepare the pâtisserie.

In the clip shared by the food vlogger, the chef just holds the top corner of a piece of dough and starts spiralling it in thin air to give the shape of a croissant. It hardly takes him a second to roll one slice of dough. As he keeps rolling one croissant after another, he looks confidently at the camera and strikes a wide smile. It’s the most unique and probably the fastest way to roll a croissant dough.

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Netizens Have Mixed Reactions

chocolate croissants

Meanwhile, Netizens had mixed reactions to his jugaadu way of preparing croissants. @b_kondratjuk writes that some French pastry chef probably had a heart attack watching this video. @radost_radost8 says that this video proves that one must work smart and not harder. @chef_john.c.s lauded the chef’s experience in the food production line and called it “mad skills”. Then again, @mirna_chwai criticised the Chef for taking shortcuts. The Instagrammer said that despite not being French she feels the pain. Moreover, she now understands how Italians feel when people ruin pizza. 

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Well, folks, what do you think about this speedy hack to prepare chocolate croissants? Is it a yay or nay?

Cover Image Courtesy: @r1k1_food/ Instagram

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