Chef Kunal Kapur Will Help You Perfect Your Fav Street Food Recipe; Just Reply To This Tweet!

by Shreya Rathod
Chef Kunal Kapur Will Help You Perfect Your Fav Street Food Recipe; Just Reply To This Tweet!

We love relishing street food but most of the time it isn’t hygienic. And not to mention that eating it daily is not ideal. Even if we try to make these recipes at home, they don’t have the exact or nearly perfect taste as their street version. But with the help of Chef Kunal Kapur, you can cook your favourite street food and achieve the perfect taste! Here’s how!

Chef Kunal Kapur Will Share Street Food Recipes

Chef Kunal Kapur is a renowned Indian chef, restauranter and one of the MasterChef India judges. Recently, in his tweet, he asked people to share their favourite street food dish and he will give them the perfect recipe to make the dish at home! And what can be more amazing than having homemade street food with the exact taste?

Netizens have already started dropping in their favourite dishes. Some of them are classic dishes like aloo tikki chaat, chole kulche, golgappe, masaledar bhutta, dabeli and so on. There are some regional demands like Vazhakka(Raw Banana) Bajji, puchka, kadhi kachori, vada pav and more. But there is an increasing demand for the perfect steamed momos.

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Among these street food items, frankie or kathi roll is also a famous one! In addition to this, there is a demand for pav bhaji, ragada and aloo basket chaat too!

He Is A Celebrity Chef

Chef Kunal Kapur is a celebrity chef and has been a part of wonderful shows. One of them is MasterChef India where he was a judge for four seasons. Second in line is the Pickle Nation where he travels through India and learns about the ages-old pickle recipes. Another one is Thalis Of India where the chef explores different thalis, platters and their significance. He also hosted Curries Of India — a show that explores the history of Indian cuisine and how different cultures influenced it.

In addition to this, he was invited as a guest chef on MasterChef America Season 2. Chef Kunal Kapur even hosted Foodies Come To America, the show that features the journey of Indian food in the USA!

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So, when are you requesting your favourite street food recipe from the chef?

Cover Image Courtesy: Chef Kunal Kapur/ Facebook