Former Chef Gives Valuable Weight Loss Tip; Netizens Are Grateful

by Tooba Shaikh
Former Chef Gives Valuable Weight Loss Tip; Netizens Are Grateful

How many of us have struggled with weight loss? “Diet starts Monday!” is what we all love to say but the Monday never ends up coming! We’re always looking for weight loss tips, but when push comes to shove, we fail to stick with them for a long period of time. However, this former chef’s advice is pretty simple to follow and it struck a chord with the Tweeple.

Weight Loss Tip By Former Chef Goes Viral

The diet side of Twitter was alive and buzzing after this tweet by a former chef, Madhu Menon, who recently took to his Twitter account and shared a weight loss tip with his followers. He shared that given that he is a former chef and also someone who is on a weight loss journey himself, this advice should be followed by anybody who wants to lose weight.

In a long thread, he revealed some important and eye-opening facts about dining out. He revealed that restaurants use exorbitant quantities of sugar and fat to make dishes taste good. Even the ones that claim that they’re healthy, usually douse their food in oil.

Menon took the example of a salad. Most people would order it thinking that it is the healthier option. However, salad dressings are typically mostly comprised of oil, which defeats the purpose of buying a salad in the first place.

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Viral Thread Highlights The Crux Of Weightloss

The thread also went on to talk about how calorie restriction is at the heart of any weight loss or diet regime. Hence, the best thing that a person who is serious about losing weight can do is stop eating out.

Since restaurants care mainly about making the food taste good so that you order from them again, they do not hesitate to put huge amounts of fats and sugars in order to make the food palatable.

Menon also supplemented his tweets by saying that there will be exceptions in all cases but his tweets were a generalised commentary and not medical advice. He also posted a chart that highlighted how cutting calories is crucial to weight loss.

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