What Is Dukan Diet, A Controversial Plan Stated To Help Reduce Weight In A Short Time?

This diet uses the process of ‘ketosis’.

by Ankita Mazumdar
What Is Dukan Diet, A Controversial Plan Stated To Help Reduce Weight In A Short Time?

Weight loss is a journey; there are thousands of diet plans on the Internet to help you lose weight. Some of them are labelled to give you guaranteed results within a couple of days or weeks. But is it so simple? Another controversial diet, known as the Dukan diet, is attracting much attention. It claims to reduce weight in a short amount of time which is what many people look into when thinking about losing weight. Let us know what is this diet exactly. 

What Is Dukan Diet?

Low-Carb Diet
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The mastermind behind the controversial Dukan Diet is the French general practitioner, Pierre Dukan. Dukan Diet is a low-carb and high-protein meal plan which is aligned with the intake of lean proteins like lean meat, poultry, fish, plant proteins and veggies, loads of water and diligent walking daily. It has four phases – attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilisation.

Each stage’s duration lasts according to how much bodyweight you want to lose. So before you start with the Dukan Diet, you have to calculate the true weight. Here comes the twist, you do not weigh yourself but head over to the Dukan Diet website and input details about your age, weight issues, family medical histories and other information. The result is your true weight.

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How Does It Help To Lose Weight Drastically?

The theory of the Dukan Diet comes down to the body itself burning the accumulated fat by limiting the intake of carbs. The combination of consuming protein along with fat without carbohydrates helps to do so. With the supplied proteins and fats, the body slowly finishes off the carbs for energy production and moves on to the extra fat.

Then, the stored fat burns and is utilised through the process of ‘ketosis’. This can over time reduce the extra fat molecules deposited in the body. Hence, helps to lose body weight drastically. Would you be willing to try this method and lose weight over a short period of time?

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Quick weight loss methods appeal to everyone around the world. Dukan Diet book by Pierre Dukan has sold millions of copies, will you get yours?

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