Check Out 15 Irresistible New Menus In Mumbai, Delhi, And More Cities This Month

Exploring these exceptional menus that promise to redefine the dining experience!

by Mallika Khurana
Check Out 15 Irresistible New Menus In Mumbai, Delhi, And More Cities This Month

In the ever-evolving culinary landscape of India, a wave of gastronomic innovation is sweeping through the cityscapes. There is an array of many new menus and each of them is a symphony of flavours, cultural influences, and culinary mastery. Let’s explore these exceptional menus that promise to please your taste buds and create unforgettable moments.

New Menus To Check Out In India

New Menus In Mumbai In Feb ’24

1. Taki Taki


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Taki Taki, the epitome of modern Japanese dining in Mumbai, is unveiling its Omakase menu, a culinary journey curated by the expat chef Bobby. The philosophy behind Omakase is to reimagine Japanese cuisine by blending traditional authenticity with contemporary techniques and ingredients. Chef Bobby, with his extensive international experience, promises to deliver a truly sensory Japanese experience, elevating the dining scene in Mumbai. The meticulously crafted ambience at Taki Taki sets the stage for a celebration of Japanese and Asian techniques, featuring an expanded selection of sushi, artisan rolls, dim sum, and tantalising mains like Yaki Shita Tori and Kotsuzumi Lamb Loin. The cocktails here certainly complement the exquisite menu, offering unique Japanese-first spirits and concoctions.

Where: Lower Parel, Mumbai
When: 12 pm – 1:30 am
Cost: ₹3,000 (For two)

2. Bayroute


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Celebrating its 5th anniversary, Bayroute introduces a new menu that spans the Middle East to the Mediterranean Sea. This Mumbai culinary gem, known for its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and cosy interiors, invites patrons to indulge in classical dishes from Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Lebanon, and more. From the Bayroute Fattoush Smash Salad to the Pistachio Mafraroukeh dessert, each dish is meticulously crafted. They also showcase the culinary finesse and dedication to excellence that define Bayroute. 

Where: Multiple Outlets
When: 12 pm – 1:30 am
Cost: ₹3,500 (For two)

3. Dobaraa


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Dobaraa, a renowned gastropub in Lower Parel, Mumbai, is making a grand return with an exciting all-new menu. The relaunch, scheduled for January 18th, 2024, features a fusion of lip-smacking bar items and global cuisine, led by the esteemed Chef Akhil Multani. From Dobara Masala Pav to Chicken Bulgogi Sandoitchi, the menu promises a delightful journey for discerning palates. Dobaraa’s commitment to quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques is evident in every dish, ranging from small plates to larger offerings like Bawaji Nu Dhanshak and Chicken Fajitas. 

Where: Lower Parel, Mumbai
When: 11:30 am – 1 am
Cost: ₹1,700 (For two)

4. Café Noir


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Café Noir, the beloved French café and all-day diner at One Lodha World Centre, introduces its “Noir Fresh Beginnings” menu. This vibrant collection focuses on gourmet salads and cold-pressed juices designed to awaken the senses and revitalise well-being. From the Strawberry Lettuce Mesclun Salad to the Watermelon Mint Quencher, each offering is a symphony of flavours. Whether for a light lunch, post-workout pick-me-up, or a refreshing start to the day, Café Noir promises a taste of wellness and delight.

Where: Lower Parel, Mumbai
When: 10 am – 10:30 pm
Cost: ₹1,800 (For two)

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5. Koishii

Koishii, known as the premium haven for Nikkei cuisine in the city, introduces an alluring and innovative menu that fuses Japanese and Peruvian flavours. Under the visionary guidance of Chef Kinyo Roads Tristan, Koishii crafts a menu showcasing the rich traditions of both lands. Dishes like Causa, Salmon Salad Nikkie, Eggplant Ceviche, Tuna Tiraditos, Lotus Root on Fire, Unagi Maki Roll, Amazon Rolls, Robata Platter, Arabian Lobster, and more promise a culinary journey with unexpected yet harmonious explosions of flavours. 

Where: Lower Parel, Mumbai
When: 7 pm – 1 am
Cost: ₹7,000 (For two)

6. Mizu Izayaka


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Mizu Izakaya, a culinary beacon for innovative Japanese offerings, introduces its Dai San Menu, translating to ‘the third’ in Japanese. Inspired by Chef Lakhan Jethani’s global culinary journey, the menu engages all six senses, embracing Japanese fermentation and preservation techniques with local ingredients. Dishes like Kabocha Tart, Fujiyama Potato Salad, Steamed Mushroom, Sizzling Mochi, Avocado Flat Bread, Maguro Taru Taru, Mizu Shumai, Prawn Sando, Nigiri, Onigiri, and Japanese Milk Tea Parfait promise a multisensory exploration of Japan’s culinary heritage. Head Mixologist Avantika Malik complements the experience with innovative cocktails like Kyuri, Mizu Mule, Shazu Sour, and The Spinach Ohitashi.

Where: Ground Floor, Ganga Jamuna Building 14th Road Pali, Khar West, Mumbai
When: 12:30 pm – 11:30 pm

New Menus In Delhi In Feb ’24

7. The Grammar Room


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Embark on a farm-to-table journey at The Grammar Room, where the new food menu celebrates locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the incredible flavours of India. Gochujang, made with miso from Goa, Leh berries, and Dalle chilli from the Himalayas, is among the diverse elements incorporated into dishes that tell the story of India’s rich culinary heritage. Supporting local farmers like Tijara, Krishi Cress, and Darima Farms, The Grammar Room offers a delightful menu.

Where: Mehrauli, New Delhi
When: 11 am – 12 am
Cost: ₹3,400 (For two)

8. Mamagoto


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Mamagoto, meaning “to play with food,” presents the ‘Fresh Thai Menu – Hawker Hustle.’ This vibrant PAN Asian cafe, known for its energetic ambiance and quirky decor, offers an affordable fusion cuisine experience. Chef Siddharth, Mamagoto’s brand chef, brings his expertise and insights into the menu, infusing traditional Thai cooking techniques. The menu showcases a diverse selection of soups, main courses, salads, and starters, including unique offerings like Tom Kha soup and Sumui Surfer Bites. 

Where: Multiple Outlets
When: 12 pm – 11:30 pm
Cost: ₹1,400 (For two)

New Menus In Pune In Feb ’24

9. NUVO at Sheraton Grand Pune Bund Garden Hotel


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NUVO introduces Itameshi cuisine to Pune, a unique fusion of Japanese and Italian culinary elements that originated in the post-World War II era. This distinctive and delectable fusion emerged when Japanese society encountered Western influences, leading to a harmonious blend of Japanese and Italian flavours. NUVO’s commitment to delivering a unique dining experience is reflected in every aspect of its Itameshi offerings, featuring creations like Japanese-style pasta, Matcha Tiramisu, Tempura-style Fried Caprese, Sake Risotto, and the tantalising Volcano Crab Roll. 

Where: Sheraton Grand, Bund Garden Road, Pune
When: 5 pm – 1 am
Cost: ₹3,500 (For two)

10. The Gulmohar Bar & Curry House


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The Gulmohar Bar & Curry House in Pune has recently unveiled its new winter menu, offering a culinary journey through India’s diverse landscape. The restaurant, designed as an urban oasis of earthy elegance, invites patrons to savour familiar, comforting flavours and the vibrancy of nature. The menu boasts a symphony of regional specialities and beloved classics, such as the Makkai Coriander Shorba, Bangda Raechado, Soya Chaap Jhal, Murgh Sigri Tikka, Mangalore King Fish Tawa Fry, and Sri Lankan Curry. The experience is a celebration of comfort food, featuring dishes like Hara Bhara Saag, Assamese Kukura Mangsho, Bengali Shorshe Maach, and Dal Gulmohar. 

Where: Baner, Pune
When: 12 pm – 11:30 pm
Cost: ₹2,100 (For two)

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New Menus In Bengaluru In Feb ’24

11. One 8 Commune


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One 8 Commune introduces “The Brunch Club,” an immersive brunch experience in the heart of Bangalore. This unique brunch affair embodies community, providing the perfect setting for a leisurely Sunday gathering with family and friends. Crafted by Corporate Chef Agnibh Mudi, the specially curated brunch menu redefines indulgence with cocktails and on-the-house desserts. With panoramic views of Cubbon Park and Chinnaswamy Stadium, One 8 Commune invites patrons to enjoy a cosy backdrop for Sundays with loved ones, promising an unparalleled dining experience.

Where: Lavelle Road, Bangalore (and multiple outlets across India)
When: 12:30 pm – 1 am
Cost: ₹3,000 (For two)

12. Bombay Borough


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Bombay Borough, an all-day Indian bar and eatery in Bangalore, launches a new menu that emphasises hyperlocal and regional Indian cuisine. The inventive and skillfully crafted bespoke food and beverage menu introduces the vibrant flavours of Northeast India, featuring dishes like Manipuri-style Chicken Stir Fry and Naga Chicken Wings. 

Where: Richmond Road, Bangalore
When: 12 pm – 12 am
Cost: ₹2,000 (For two)

13. Ssaffron


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Shangri-La Bengaluru’s award-winning Indian restaurant, Ssaffron, presents a brand new menu featuring a vibrant array of dishes that celebrate India’s diverse culinary traditions. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the regal kitchens of Hyderabad, the new menu takes diners on a journey through India’s rich flavours and aromas. Chef Pankaj and his team have combined their creative skills to conceptualise a menu full of traditional and nostalgic Indian dishes.

Where: Shangri-La Hotel, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore
When: 12:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Cost: ₹3,500 (For two)

14. High Ultra Lounge


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The High Ultra Lounge at the Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel offers a sophisticated rooftop dining experience at an altitude of 421 feet, providing breathtaking views of the city. The venue has introduced a new menu that blends the outdoors and indoors seamlessly, featuring innovative dishes to tantalise the taste buds. One of the most interesting new menus, it highlights include Avocado Tartare, Asparagus Tempura, Kataf Prawns, Madura Chicken Skewers, Green Curry Lamb Skewers, and Black Pepper Baby Crab Gratin. Vegetarian options like Confit Portobello and Gochujang Sweet Potato cater to diverse preferences. The culinary journey concludes with the classic yet contemporary Matcha Crème Brulee. 

Where: Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway, Bangalore
When: 4 pm – 1 am
Cost: ₹3,600 (For two)



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Conrad Bengaluru’s MIKUSU presents the MIKUSU Luncheon, a tastefully curated set menu that invites guests on an unparalleled gastronomical journey. The Pan Asian flavours meticulously crafted by the culinary team offer a diverse range of options, from Miso Shiru Soup and Robatayaki to Tonkatsu Ramen Noodle Broth with Chicken, Egg, and Mushroom. The menu includes Spicy Philly Cheese Roll, Nasu Dengaku, Tenderloin Teriyaki, Grilled Shrimp, Ebi Yaki, and Banana Caramel Ice Cream. 

Where: Conrad Bengaluru, Ulsoor, Bangalore
When: 12:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Cost: ₹3,500 (For two)

These remarkable new menus redefine the art of dining, leaving an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape.

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