Waffles, Fries and Shake For ₹199 At Raw Creams In Delhi Is The Best Offer This Month!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Waffles, Fries and Shake For ₹199 At Raw Creams In Delhi Is The Best Offer This Month!

Have you dreamt of the perfect meal your whole life? Do the crispiest fries, fluffiest waffles and delicious ice cream haunt your healthy routine? We’re not saying you could have a meal of fries, waffles and ice cream while calling it healthy. What we are saying is that maybe there’s a better alternative to regular ingredients that allows two spectacular meals instead of one every week! Raw Creams in Delhi have sworn off preservatives and processed sugar so that you can live longer while gorging on your favourite foods. They are serving a combo meal with your choice of fries, waffles and shakes for only ₹199. The price becomes the main motivation when food is this good! 

What is it 

Raw Creams has 13 kinds of waffles ranging from ₹79 – ₹299. Their seasonal Nutella Strawberry waffles are to die for. You can pair that with Peri Peri fries and a regular shake. This combo is for ₹ 199 and worth your money because these items individually cost a lot more. You could also get any of their 28 ice cream rolls flavours. Craving some Gulab Jamun or Shahi Paan? They have ice cream rolls for that! Their flavours are unique and irresistible. The best part is that they do not use chemicals or preservatives. All of their ice creams are made of real milk, except the water-based fruit sorbets. The flavouring is done with real fruits that are frozen and crushed to churn the ice cream. Instead of processed sugar, they let natural sweeteners of the fruit work their magic.  

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What’s more 

Their recent expansion plans are testament to their quality and success. The food here is so loaded that customers keep coming back. Stuff our plates – Delhiites can never have enough. They’re soon opening a new outlet in Janakpuri. Their freak shakes are monster shakes and then some. They fill your gigantic glasses with rich shakes and load it up with whipped cream, chocolates, brownies and all kinds of OTT toppings.  Have you heard of This Affordable Jimmy Choo Waffle In Delhi Instead.

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Raw Creams has rolled out a crazy new way of life. Waffles, fries and shakes at ₹199 will keep us here for a while. Their healthy ingredients give us hope for this trend to spread like wildfire. This sinful place also has pizzas, barbeque nachos and soda shakes. Go all out here and go with a large appetite! 

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Where: 9/1, Shop 4, Ground Floor, Block 9, Press Colony, Subhash Nagar and 2509, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar 

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