Chennaites, Take Note! You Are Banned from Carrying These Food Items In Chennai Metro Trains

by Tooba Shaikh
Chennaites, Take Note! You Are Banned from Carrying These Food Items In Chennai Metro Trains

Travelling by metro train is probably one of the most convenient ways to travel. It is cheap, fast, and efficient. What is more, if you have loads of luggage to carry to a destination that is not very close, you can use the metro. Although, if you have lots of luggage, you may be subjected to stink-eyes from other passengers. In a recent development, Chennai metro trains and stations will no longer allow passengers to carry the following food items.

No Raw Meat Or Seafood On Chennai Metro Trains & Stations

In a recent directive issued by the authorities, passengers carrying raw meat or seafood will no longer be allowed to travel on the Chennai metro trains or even be allowed in stations. The directive prohibits anyone from carrying uncooked meats of any kind and seafood. The primary reason for banning these select items is that they emit a foul odour. This foul odour may cause discomfort to other passengers who are travelling in the same compartment of the train.

Moreover, metro trains are air-conditioned and therefore sealed. Such items from which a foul smell emanates can worsen in a sealed and air-conditioned environment such as that of a metro train. Hence, to avoid discomfort and literal stink-eyes from other passengers, the metro authorities resolved to put an embargo on such food items.

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No Liquor Allowed Either

The directive also banned passengers from carrying alcoholic beverages on the metro trains. This means that if a passenger is found in possession of liquor, they will be immediately asked to leave the premises of the metro station. The reason for banning alcoholic beverages and liquor is twofold.

The first reason is the same as that for banning raw meats. It is no secret that liquor, too, emits an odour that not everyone might appreciate. Secondly, liquor is also highly flammable. On a moving vehicle such as a metro train, carrying such a flammable substance can increase the risk of accidental ignition and pose a threat to the lives of other passengers.

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