China Has The World’s Highest Outdoor Lift Situated On 1070 Ft High Avatar Cliff

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 2409

There is no dearth of breathtaking sightseeing spots in China. The Floating Bridge, built over a winding river has attracted tourists from all across the country. Now, China has the world’s highest life, zipping tourists, over 1000 feet high above the iconic Avatar Cliff. This cliff has inspired the landscape for the Hollywood blockbuster film, Avatar. Travellers from across the world has added this breathtaking sightseeing spot to their bucket lists.

World’s Highest Outdoor Lift In China; Attracts 8000 Domestic Tourists Daily

China’s Zhangjiajie Forest Park has three double-decker elevators that zip up the Avatar Cliff in just 88 seconds. Tourists can travel 1070 feet up the Avatar Cliff, in this world’s highest outdoor lift, Bailong Elevator. This speedy attraction is gaining a lot of domestic tourists. The tourism industry in China is slowly recovering from the coronavirus induced lockdowns and strict travel measures. 

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Avatar fans in China have all gathered up to go on this breathtaking lift. Jin Shihao, a tourist stated to AFP, “It’s super-fast”. The alternative to this speedy elevator is a three-hour climb on foot. So take your pick! The ticket for the elevator ride costs $19(₹1411). Currently, around 8000 tourists take this lift daily. But numbers are significantly low. The pre-COVID number is 14,000 visitors daily.

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Tourists Can Travel Over 1000 Feet High Up Avatar Cliff In Bailong Elevator

Tourists can reach the top of the sandstone rock that inspired the fictional jungle moon of Pandora in the movie. Qiao Ke, a tourist told media houses, “One of the main reasons we came is that the site inspired Avatar. The film really made an impression on us. And it really is beautiful here.” Moreover, this geological structure is really suited for an elevator. The Bailong Elevator is truly a unique sightseeing spot, that you must add to your wishlist. Meanwhile, here are the best Chinese restaurants in Mumbai for a luxurious dining experience. 

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