China Schools Use Foldable Transparent Screen To Keep Social Distance While Eating

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
China Schools Use Foldable Transparent Screen To Keep Social Distance While Eating

Business, factories and schools have resumed and China is slowly bouncing back to normal life. And clearly, the country is leaving no stone unturned to keep a second wave at bay. After incorporating social distancing hats, schools in China have now come up with a new technique to maintain social distancing while eating.

What’s In It?

A high school in central China’s Hubei province is now using foldable screens in classrooms has flooded social media. The video features students eating inside foldable, transparent screens in order to practice social distancing. The post has garnered over 6,000 views since being shared online.

Each student is equipped with a foldable, transparent screen. Students are required to clean the board thoroughly and disinfect it before eating. The school has allotted four classrooms for dining for every class and each room only sits 20 people. This ensures strict social distancing is in place.

The new lunching trend became an online sensation and garnered over 70,000 likes.

What Else?

Earlier, pictures of kids wearing specially designed ‘social distancing hats’ in Chinese schools went viral.


A school in Hangzhou was the first to come up this innovative way to teach kids the importance of social distancing. The school welcomed its students in year 1 to 3 returning back to the campus on April 26 and guess what their first assignment was! The kids had to design an innovative hat with a one-meter, or three-foot, diameter. The special head gear has two wing-like flaps that ensure safe distancing between students.

The hats are inspired from what was worn during the Song Dynasty. Back then, these hats were designed by the dynasty’s founding emperor, Taizu, to ensure court etiquette. The hat also prevented ministers from whispering or conspiring against him.

And now, the Administrators at Yangzheng Elementary School asked students to design these Song Dynasty hats to teach them social distancing. Kids used all kinds of materials including balloons, cardboard tubes, and wooden sticks, to make their own hats.

“This was indeed our innovation. We’re advocating students to wear a one-meter hat and maintain one meter’s distance,”Hong Feng, the school’s principal, told the local Zhejiang Daily newspaper. And in case you’re wondering why the school followed a one-meter norm, it is the distance recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Meanwhile, schools in China are slowly resuming after shutting shop in January. However, the students are back in a very different environment and facemasks have now become part of their school uniform. In addition, some schools are also conducting temperature checks at the door, and classrooms have been rearranged to meet social distancing recommendations.