China’s Love Train Is All Set To Hitch A 1000 Single People

by Mrunal Mahajan

However unusual it may sound but it is true! China has a train called the ‘Y999 Love-Pursuit Train’ and the sole purpose of the train is that all the single people on board find themselves a soulmate. This year they sent almost 1000 singles on the train. In China, almost 200 million people are single and they are not happy about it!

China's Love Train

Credits: AsiaOne

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China’s Love train is a 2-day and 1-night journey which allows the people to communicate, play games, understand each other and lastly fall in love! The organizers have arranged for games and food that brings them closer.  This was started by the railway authorities in Chengdu and the Communist Youth League of Chongqing.

China's Love Train

Credits: Indiatimes

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Huang Song a passenger on the train said, “These activities are more creative than matchmaking. The train is like a bridge, bringing people from different places together, to get to know each other during the journey,” reports News Nation.

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China's Love Train

Credits: Indiatimes

The train was started 3 years ago to address the issues the people of china face. The sex ration is china is very unbalanced, with about 115 boys born for every 100 girls, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2018. And this ratio has been falling ever since. It is due to the ‘one-child policy’ they adopted and later in 2016 removed it. Several people choose to abort the girl child in hope for a boy.

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Let’s fall in love, shall we? Would you like to hop on China’s Love Train?