Floating Maglev Bullet Train That Can Hit 600 Km/Hr Unveiled By China

by Madhusree Chatragadda

Just when we though trains couldn’t get any faster and cooler, China hits us with a Floating Maglev Bullet Train. It can travel at a speed of 600km/hr and looks like something straight out of a Sc-Fi movie. Talk about the tech space speeding up!

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What Is It?
Set for commercial production in 2021, the prototype of this super fast train has been unveiled. It is a bullet train with high-speed magnetic levitation owned by China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC).


Credits: CNN

How Does It Work?
The train uses magnetic technology to help it achieve such mind-blowing speed per hour, 600 Km to be precise! How does it do this? Well, it employs two magnetic sets one of which pushes the train above the tracks while the other pushes the train forward. This what produces the “floating” effect.

Here’s a more detailed description of this magnificent train.

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