Head to ChocoVault for Your Chocolate Cravings

    Chocolate Ahoy! It is such a fascinating food that can lift your mood, anytime – anywhere. So, let’s head to Chocovault, a dessert café in Hauz Khas village, for guilt-free chocolate indulgence!


    photo courtesy: ChocoVault Facebook page

    1. A Fondue that is hard to forget

    The Belgium Heaven Fondue has red velvet sponge, marshmallows, Belgium cookies, a waffle stick and some crunchies with a chocolate sauce that is consistent, thick and delicious. I never knew how good red velvet and chocolate could taste together until I discovered this.

    In a total cost of Rs. 495, at least three people can relish this!

    Chocolate Fondue

    photo courtesy: ChocoVault facebook page

    2. Salted Caramel paradise

    Some people still don’t get the appeal of salt in chocolate, but here is where you start. Their Scandalous Mud Cake is salted caramel and dense chocolate. Mind you, it looks small but is super heavy and totally worth it!

    The 24K Gold Vault

    photo courtesy: ChocoVault Facebook page

    3. Wafflesticks and crepes

    Waffle on a stick is a delight here. It is one piece on a single stick and it can cure hunger too. Our favourite one is the Nutella waffle stick. Also, they do the classic Nutella and Banana Crepe quite well.

    Brownie Wafflestick

    Photo courtesy: ChocoVault courtesy Facebook page

    Where: 1-A, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
    Nearest metro station: Green Park or Hauz Khas
    Cost for two: Rs.500 approx


    photo courtesy: ChocoVault Facebook page

    Have you been here? Do you want to recommend something? Tell us in the comments!

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