Chris Hemsworth Says ‘Her Choice’ As Daughter Watches His Movie On Emirates Flight In Viral Video

Emirates Chris Hemsworth
by Anupriya Mishra

Emirates is known for offering a great in-flight entertainment system. Making flying a relaxing experience for its flyers, recently Hollywood actor, Chris Hemsworth shared a clip from his in-flight experience on Emirates in a viral video. In the video, he was seen panning the camera to his daughter, who was watching his movie making use of the in-flight entertainment system of the airline.

Chris Hemsworth Shares VideoOf Daughter Watching His Movie On Emirates


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Recently, Chris Hemsworth, a Hollywood superstar took to his Instagram account to post a unique video. It’s a viral clip that he has shared from an Emirates flight in which he is seen filming his daughter watching his movie during the flight. With the caption, ‘I swear it was her choice,’ the heart-warming video has now garnered several thousand likes and views. In the video, it’s quite evident that he is sitting in the first class suit of the Emirates aircraft and his daughter is seen making the most out of the in-flight entertainment system that’s available on board for flyers. Later in the video, he is seen panning to the screen and then flipping the camera back to wink. As it happens, this video was also spotted by the official account run by Emirates and they also posted a quirky comment on it.

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He Was Recently In Dubai & Visited The Museum Of Future


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This adorable video comes after, recently the Marvel movie actor who plays the role of the God of Thunder, Thor, was also also seen in Dubai for a family vacation. During his trip, he and his family were seen visiting, the Museum Of Future where they were awestruck by the beautiful sight that greeted them. Walking through the meandering museum that offers a great immersive experience, he was seen sharing this experience with his followers as well.

Coming back to the viral video of his flight on Emirates, it comes right before he posted a few pictures of his Icelandic adventures with his daughter. It seems that he is on a daddy-daughter vacation.

So, what do you think about this video? It seems like quite a heartwarming moment, doesn’t it?

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