Clothes, Makeup & Food: Luxury Brands Charlotte Tilbury & Fendi Are Launching Their Ramadan Majilis In Abu Dhabi

by Deeplata Garde

Hearing of Majilis in the Middle East the first thing that strikes our brain is food in a comfortable setup. But what if I tell you that Majilis are not just limited to food? Imagine a setup that is ultra-luxurious with expensive brands on showcase. Well if it’s too hard to imagine such a setup then you can just book a ticket to Abu Dhabi.

Fendi X Charlotte Tilbury Are Coming To Abu Dhabi With A Ramadan Majilis


Pic credits: Pexels

Ramadan is going to be fancy this year in Abu Dhabi. The opulent brands from the Fashion and makeup industry are building an opulent majlis for the fashionistas in the house. The brands will respectively, will take over Society and Tasha’s cafe, with Ramadan-themed menus, events, and more.

Fendi Collaborates With Tasha Al Bateen


Pic Creds: Tashas, Insta/ Fendi

During the whole month of Ramadan beginning on Sunday, March 26, Fendi Maison will take over Abu Dhabi’s Tashas Al Bateen. It will be offering the ideal location to gather with friends and family every night for Suhoor. Visitors in the UAE will be able to indulge in a highly customized menu created by Tashas specifically for the Fendi Majilis while being surrounded by pure Italian glitz.

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Charlotte Tilbury In Partnership with Society Mamsha Saadiyat


Pic Creds: Society/ INSTA/ Charlotte Tilbury

The event will occur at Society in Abu Dhabi and last from Thursday, April 6, to Tuesday, April 17.

The best of the renowned beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury is on display at the Charlotte Tilbury Majlis in Society. You’ll be thrilled to learn about the happenings if you’ve been hunting for makeup ideas. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in entertainment opportunities, workshops led by regional and worldwide makeup artists, and, most of all, merchandise.

So gather all your friends and family as luxury has a new address in Abu Dhabi for the holy month of Ramadan.

Expect the Saadiyat Island of Abu Dhabi to turn into a glam factory for the month of Ramadan with these highly recognized fashion brands, Fendi and Charlotte Tilbury.

Cover Image Courtesy: Tashas