Cloudburst Himachal’s Solan: 7 Dead. Officials Urge To Avoid Non-Essential Travel Amid Landslides

by Tooba Shaikh
Cloudburst Himachal’s Solan: 7 Dead. Officials Urge To Avoid Non-Essential Travel Amid Landslides

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have been continuously making headlines because of the terrible weather that they have been experiencing. Heavy rains, landslides and floods have caused significant damage to the people of the region as well as to the infrastructure. Himachal Pradesh recently witnessed a cloudburst which is said to have claimed the lives of at least seven people. Authorities have discouraged people from undertaking non-essential travel. Here are the details about the situation.

Himachal Pradesh Cloudburst: 7 Dead In Solan

A cloudburst in the Solan region of Himachal Pradesh has claimed the lives of seven people. The tragic incident happened in Jadon Village of the Kandaghat subdivision. According to an article recently published in Hindustan Times, the cloudburst ended up washing away two houses and a cowshed.

Many parts of the region have also been witnessing multiple landslides. On the 12th of August, Himachal Pradesh Police issued an advisory stating that all travellers, tourists or locals should avoid non-essential travels owing to the frequent landslides occurring in the region.

The National Highway 205 in Bilaspur district’s Dakesh was blocked because of a landslide. It ended up damaging two trucks and a light motor vehicle or LMV. Many other roads have also been blocked because of rainfall.

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Red Alert Issued In Uttarakhand

Along with Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, too has been plagued with bad weather. The Indian Meteorological Department or the IMD has even issued a red alert for the 13th and 14th of August. This means that the state will experience more than 204.4 mm of rainfall.

The IMD, in the alert, also stated that flooding and landslides are expected in these two days. It stated in the advisory that people should stay away from areas that are known for waterlogging. It even mentioned keeping away from vulnerable or weathered structures. This is because they might collapse given the harsh weather conditions.

Dehradun Defence College’s building in Uttarakhand collapsed on the 14th of August due to heavy rains. Its video has gone viral on the Internet.

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