Coke Studio Asks YouTuber To Change Channel Cook Studio’s Name. We See The Confusion!

by Shreya Ghosh
Coke Studio Asks YouTuber To Change Channel Cook Studio’s Name. We See The Confusion!

Coke Studio is a massive name in the world of music franchises. The fanbase and love for this programme are immense. And recently this franchise is in the news for being the reason to change a name of a YouTube channel ‘Cook Studio‘. Cook Studio is an emerging YouTube channel with over 17.3K subscribers on YouTube. Coke Studio sent some notices to the food blogger Nikhil Chawla for the connection of his channel’s name with the music franchise. He is also the proprietor of the Chawla Group and owns and runs the channel.

Coke Studio Asks YouTuber To Change Channel Cook Studio’s Name

There has been an ongoing rift between these two YouTube channels for some time. The Coca-Cola Company owns the trademark of Coke Studio. And after receiving notices, Nikhil Chawla also filed a case against the Coca-Cola company. He filed the case and took the case to the Delhi court because the company sent him notices in connection with the name of his YouTube channel and refrained from using the channel name.

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On 12 May 2022, Justice Prathiba M Singh of the Delhi High Court mentioned mediating to settle the dispute before the HC Mediation and Conciliation Centre. Both parties resolved the trademark problem and came up with a resolution on 12 September.

Justice Prathiba M Singh said, ‘The court on perusal of the terms of settlement found it to be lawful. There was no impediment in recording the settlement. Accordingly, the parties and all others acting for and on their behalf, shall be bound by the settlement terms’, as reported by the Indian Express.

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What Is The Resolution?

After the mediation, Nikhil Chawla will now change the Cook Studio name to ‘Cook Pro 6’ on all the social media platforms. According to the agreement, he has time till 30 November to cease using the name Cook Studio. The agreement also mentions that the Coca-Cola Company cannot further object or intervene after Nikhil starts using the new name ‘Cook Pro 6’. Also, he will need to withdraw everything related to trademark registration applications in connection with the name Cook Studio.

Cover image courtesy: Youtube/ Cook Studio