College Fests Might Be Banned At Kolkata’s Nazrul Mancha After KK Incident

by Sanmita A
College Fests Might Be Banned At Kolkata’s Nazrul Mancha After KK Incident

KK’s sudden demise in Kolkata has come as a major shocker to the Indian music industry and especially KK’s fans. After the news broke, netizens and celebrities took to social media to express their grief. While some shared how KK’s voice was a part of everyone’s life, some netizens who were present at KK’s last concert in Kolkata, said that the condition at Nazrul Manch was inappropriate. Videos emerged of KK sweating profusely during the concert.

A team of Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) visited Nazrul Manch along with other authorities and suggested college fests be banned on its premises.

Kolkata Inspection Team’s Findings

Although the capacity of Nazrul Mancha is limited to 2,700 to 3,000, on May 31st evening, a crowd of around 6,000 thronged the venue. The team believes that the overcrowded venue reduced the effects of air conditioning and led to suffocation.

The authorities also said that the people came to the venue due to KK’s immense popularity. They have requested the venue to stop conducting fests at the venue. They have also found a majority of the property damaged after KK’s concert.

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No Fault Of The Air Conditioners: Kolkata Mayor

Kolkata’s Mayor and state Transport Minister Firhad Hakim believes that since a great number of crowds entered Kolkata’s Nazrul Manch, it is not the fault of the air conditioning system. He suggested that the air conditioners cannot be blamed for this situation.

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Concerts In India Need Better Management

After the alleged mismanagement at KK’s last concert, eminent singer Armaan Malik expressed his opinion over the kind of treatment that is given to entertainers after booking them for shows.

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