Confusing Netizens, The Trending Mud-Fried Eggs Are Actually A Camping Trick We Didn’t Know About!

This unusual technique has sparked debate!

by Mallika Khurana
Confusing Netizens, The Trending Mud-Fried Eggs Are Actually A Camping Trick We Didn’t Know About!

The humble egg, a popular breakfast meal around the world has not escaped the ongoing trend of bizarre food fusions. People on the internet are confused and bewildered by a video of mud-fried eggs that has gone viral. Yes, you read that correctly. A recent video that was uploaded to the “@wefoodlover” page on Instagram shows how to make a dish that involves smothering eggs in mud. Naturally, foodies find this creation to be quite disappointing and questionable.

The Bizarre Cooking Trend Confusing The Internet


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Water is added to the mud to make it gummy before proceeding with the process. Then, 300 eggs—not just one, not two, but three hundred—are covered in mud and set atop hot charcoal. After cooking, the eggs are moved to a big wok so they can be thoroughly cleaned. After peeling, they are deep-fried. A block of butter is then melted in a heated wok. The wok is then filled with chopped veggies like tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, capsicum, onions, and beans.  More than 14 million people have viewed the video. Foodies were not impressed by this creation. While some simply questioned the need for this, others were concerned about them being dirty and unhygienic.

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Mud-Fried Eggs Explained

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Photo Credits: We Food Lover/Instagram

Contrary to popular opinion, this technique has a practical application, especially for campers. You could use mud as an alternative when you have no pans to boil the egg. Here’s how it works: 

Pour mud on top of the egg, about an inch thick. As the heat causes the egg to break easily, the mud needs to be sufficiently thick. However, you do not want it to be overly thick because then you will have to cook for one egg all night. To prevent the mud from slipping away from the egg, make sure it is sticky.

Once hardened, immediately place the egg covered in mud over the campfire. Periodically flip the egg to ensure uniform cooking. You will know when the egg is ready when the mud has a crack.

This technique, although unusual, highlights the ingenuity and resourcefulness of campers when it comes to cooking in the wild. While it may seem unnecessary or excessive to some, it serves as a practical method for cooking eggs when conventional tools are unavailable. 

So, while the internet might have its reservations about mud-fried eggs, they have their place in the world of outdoor survival and camping.

Cover Image Courtesy: We Food Lover/Instagram