Coromandel Express Accident: Around 90 Trains Remain Cancelled, Some Diverted Between 4-5 June

by Shreya Ghosh
Coromandel Express Accident: Around 90 Trains Remain Cancelled, Some Diverted Between 4-5 June

The massive Coromandel Express accident has shocked the entire nation. The aftermath looks very scary. The train connectivity between Kolkata and Chennai came to a pause because of the accident in Odisha’s Balasore. A huge number of trains have been cancelled between Kolkata and Chennai. The cancellation and diversion of train routes are impacting the passengers and their scheduled travel plans on this route. Here’s some detailed info about all these trains.

These Trains Have Been Cancelled Today & Tomorrow

Coromandel Express
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Thousands of passengers was seen desperately waiting to catch their trains from Howrah railway station after the major three-train accident in Balasore . They have been sitting at the station for a long time to commence their journey. Unfortunately, the accident and its consequences are jeopardising many train journeys recently. According to a recent report, Sunday and Monday will be seeing a cancellation of 90 trains on different routes. The cancelled trains are not only the ones connecting Kolkata with Chennai but several trains for other states have also been cancelled.

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According to a report by Hindustan Times, the trains cancelled by the Southern Railway are:

  • Chennai Central-Shalimar Coromandel Express (from  Chennai)
  • Chennai Central-Santragachi AC Superfast train (from Chennai)
  • Mangalore-Santragachi Vivek Superfast Express (from Mangaluru)

The trains cancelled by the South-Eastern Railway are:

  • Chennai-Howrah Mail
  • Darbhanga-Kanniyakumari Express
  • Kamakhya-LTT Express

Cancelled trains on other routes are:

  • Guwahati-Sri M Visveswaraya Bengaluru Tri Weekly Superfast Express (from Guwahati)
  • Kamakhya-Sir M.Visveswaraya Bengaluru AC Superfast Express (from Kamakhya)
  • Patna-Puri Special train
  • Rangapara North-Erode Superfast Special (from Rangapara North)

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Trains Have Also Been Diverted Due To The Coromandel Express Accident:

Coromandel Express
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With the cancellation of 90 trains, 46 trains have also been diverted. These trains were shifted through different train routes such as the Kharagpur-Tata-Rourkela-Jharsuguda route and Kapilas Road station-Jaroli-Dangoapasi route, according to a report by Telegraph – My Kolkata. There were about 11 trains that terminated shortly during the middle of the train ride.

All these cancellations, diversions, and short-termination of routes are turning out to be major problems for thousands of passengers.

Hundreds of patients travel from West Bengal to Chennai every day for doctor appointments. A huge number of people travel on this route because of medical purposes. This is a huge setback for many travellers post the Coromandel Express accident. Also, this is the peak time for students travelling to the South as admission processes are going on. In fact, Rath Yatra is on 20 June so many devotees visit Puri during this time for the Snan Yatra.

This is a hard time for everyone who has been affected by the Coromandel Express accident.

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