Coronavirus – UAE Cancels International Baccalaureate Exams Scheduled For May

by Angel Merchant
Coronavirus – UAE Cancels International Baccalaureate Exams Scheduled For May

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International baccalaureate (IB), has cancelled all exams in May. In light of the pressing Coronavirus, the curriculum has decided to completely halt all examinations, around the world. The IB programme is present in over 158 countries, and is being studied in 5,263 schools. A staggering number of 18,000 pupils in Dubai follow the IB curriculum.

A Geneva based foundation runs the programme. April 20 to May 22 were the original dates for the exams. Now however, the diploma based programme has completely come to a halt. The students will be awarded certificates based on the standard of work they have completed so far. The student’s performance in classwork and coursework will be the focus of their grades. Pupils will continue to work with their teachers virtually, in order to make sure their work reflects the best standards. The International baccalaureate team will then award grades based on these assignments.

The advice to all students studying at the IB curriculum is to continue to push for excellence in their coursework and assignments. They must continue to study. Online classes are still continuing, and there will be lots of one on on help for all students.

What Else?

Meanwhile the British curriculum, has announced a new system for awarding A level grades. The British GCSE’s and A levels have been canceled worldwide due to the Corona virus outbreak. So the new framework of grading, comes as an endeavour to help overcome this major setback. Education officials stated that they will be taking the grades of the mock examinations, along with a review of the student’s over all work. This includes classwork, coursework, and overall participation. The government of the UAE, had issued an announcement stating, all exam boards will be asking teachers for predicted grades. The Uk education secretary expressed his dismay at the current situation.

Instructors are now supposed to judge a students predicted grade, based on the current level of work being done in class. That predicted grade will then be sent to the A level board to help them make a final decision. Teachers will be taking into account a number of different factors. Mock examination grades, coursework, classwork, participation, behaviour, and overall performance. After considering all of the above, they will then send a final grade for each student to the examination board. Universities will also be more lenient when picking students, considering the situation at hand.

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