Coronavirus: Meet The UAE’s ‘Virtual Doctor’ Which Assesses Covid-19 Symptoms

by Angel Merchant
Coronavirus: Meet The UAE’s ‘Virtual Doctor’ Which Assesses Covid-19 Symptoms

The Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE (MOHP), has launched a new service in the fight against Corona. A virtual doctor that can diagnose symptoms of Covid 19, has been introduced,

Hospitals are of course, busier than usual. Hence, the MOHP, have decided to launch an online service that can help ease the burden. A virtual doctor system has been launched. This online service can diagnose symptoms of the virus. When you log on, you will receive a number of questions that will include you travel history, contact with other people, and your symptoms. After the questions are answered, the service will put together the information to form a diagnosis.

This system is not an alternative for medal help. However, it is a stepping stone in the process of going for medial help. If you feel you have certain symptoms, enter your information onto this service, and see what you find. This will not only help slow down traffic at the hospitals, but also help put mids at ease. Of course, those who need medical assistance urgently, should go straight to the nearest medical clinic or hospital nearest to you.

The moment you enter the website of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, you will find a red box that says, ‘Covid 19 virtual doctor’. Clicking it will allow you to find a guide on how the assessment will work. Many questions will then be asked to you in a chat box, about your medical history and social interactions. You replies will help the program develop a response regarding any symptoms you might have.

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What Else?

The Abu Dhabi health department have also introduced a new website to keep residents updates with the latest new on Corona. The website will feature updates from official sources, answers to related questions, and interactive features. You can find out the updated number of people affected by the novel virus around the globe. The website will also have an advisor, who will allow users to pose questions to specific authorities, about the virus. The site will also have a map that will point out all the affected areas, how much the area has been affected, number of deaths, and more. The department of health have stated that this website has been developed by the latest Artificial intelligence firm, based in the United Arab Emirates.

You can also find out latest authentic updates about Covid 19, by messaging the World Health Organisation. The WHO has passed out a whatsapp number. Once you message, you will receive instantaneous replies and updates about the Corona virus. To find out more about the WHO whatsapp hotline, check out: Dubai RTA Rolls Out Sanitization Project To Provide Clean Transport To All