Dubai RTA Rolls Out Sanitization Project To Provide Clean Transport To All

by Angel Merchant
Dubai RTA Rolls Out Sanitization Project To Provide Clean Transport To All

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One of the safest countries in the world in the fight against Corona, has just got a little safer. Dubai is doing its best to keep the dreaded virus at bay and as part of the process, the RTA has rolled out a sanitization project. The Dubai RTA has imposed strict hygiene practices for all taxis in Dubai. Some of these practices include constant sanitisation of the interiors, and full comprehensive cleaning.

Each taxi car will be supplied with hand sanitisers, tissue boxes, gloves and masks. Every driver will be partially covered with a facial mask, and will be told to maintain a standard social distance. After each trip, drivers are told to use sanitiser. They are also instructed to direct all passengers to the rear seats in order to curb any potential infections.

Along with the constant sanitisation of Taxi cars, ENOC petrol stations are also being cleaned. The ENOC group is carrying out major sterilisation measures in approximately 136 service stations in and around the UAE. The Dubai municipality is also carrying out random routine checks, to ensure that cleaning campaigns are thoroughly enforced. Salons and personal care centres are also being disinfected and sanitised on a regular bases.

What Else?

The World Health Organisation (WHO), has introduced a unique way of staying up to date with the Corona virus. With the rise of social media, we’re always updated. The only issue is, how certain are we about the information we consume everyday? What is true about the virus, and what is fake news? The WHO have given out a whatsapp number which you can message to get verified updates.

Drop them a message, and instantaneously find out more about the virus. With this new system, you can receive verified updates about Covid 19 on your finger tips!

You can message them at +41 79 893 18 92