Couple Suffers Major Injuries While Doing Bike Stunts; What Happened To Road Safety?

by Shreya Ghosh
Couple Suffers Major Injuries While Doing Bike Stunts; What Happened To Road Safety?

Every time we open social media, we come across videos of people trying out new adventurous experiences. Thrilling activities are always fun for those who love to enjoy the electrifying rush in their bodies while trying such things. It is advised to seek professional help while indulging in adventure. Unfortunately, many people do not care much and end up doing scary stunts themselves. Recently, a couple got badly injured while doing some bike stunts.

Video Of A Couple Doing Stunts On Superbike Is Going Viral

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Fck Around N Find Out (@FAFO_TV) shared a video of a couple facing injuries while doing stunts on a superbike.

The video shows how a couple rides a superbike at a very high speed. While the man sits on the seat, the woman stands behind him, drives, and controls the bike movement. While she picks up the front wheel of the superbike at quite a high height, all of a sudden the bike slips and they fall away hard on the road. Seeing the video, it is quite understandable how they faced severe injuries. The sudden fall on the ground looks quite scary, especially the way they get thrown from the superbike due to the speed.

This video sets a major example of how even the slightest of scary stunts without any proper guidance can lead to something very dangerous, unexpected, and unfortunately, life-threatening as well. We can see how severely they fall straight to the road and injure themselves. These are so horrifying and frightening to watch and we can only imagine, how they felt right at that moment of the accident.

Sadly, this is not the first time we have come across such videos. There have been hundreds of times when people tried out doing stunts on a bike while travelling very fast or on something else. Some people do these activities for the thrill while some do these to record and share on social media platforms. In the age of posting everything on the Internet, many forget the bridge between normal and unusual activities. This is when they face such unnecessary issues and face tons of problems.

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Are We Forgetting All The Rules & Regulations?

Bike Stunts
Picture credit- Canva

In between so many people attempting such activities, people forget that these are a strict violation of the rules. With every passing day, we are coming across more videos where people attempt to do all sorts of unnecessary things just to gain views and get viral. But are these really necessary? These are completely against the rules and also can be majorly harmful to people nearby. In the viral video, there was no one else except the couple and the camera person. Had there been someone else also driving on the road, they would have faced the risk of getting injured.

Netizens Are Shocked Seeing It

The video is going viral like crazy and the Internet users are reacting to everything that is happening in this video. Here’s what they have to say.

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What are your views on this viral video of doing bike stunts and people neglecting road safety?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Fck Around N Find Out (@FAFO_TV)

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