Covid 19: 8 Home Workouts You Can Do Without Gym Equipment

When we heard news of a long vacation, albeit the deadly circumstances surrounding it literally, we were happy. However, as news progressed, and everything started closing down, the smiles started getting smaller and smaller. And now, with all entertainment outlets, parks, and gyms closed, we’re all facing one big problem. Sedentary lifestyles. With half the work population in the country working from cafes or homes, physical activity has massively decreased. We need to find ways to ward off the dangerous extra pounds, and stay fit. We’ve put together a list of some exercises and workouts you can do from home, with minimal or no use of any equipment.

1. Skipping Ropes

If you have kids, especially girls, you must be having at least one of these useful ropes in the house. Skipping ropes is something we all know how to do. Pull up one from the rubble of toys, and start embedding a basic skipping rope routine every day. Around 20 jumps per day. Not only does it give you a great workout, but it can actually be loads of fun. Its best to start your day with a nice warming up exercise, and research shows it can even boost optimism and moods. God knows we need that right now. It can even become a routine that involves your kids, husband, and even the entire family, seeing as most of them are at home these days. You can even do some cool tricks with it!

Difficulty level: 4/10
Time: 7-10 minutes
Equipment: Skipping rope

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2. Jumping Jacks

You literally need nothing for this easy routine. We all know how to do jumping jacks, and it takes very little time. Every morning or evening, do about 25 jumping jacks. Outstretch your arms and legs and jump up and down. Sounds like a kiddish routine, but this easy 7-10 minute warm up can really help you keep fit over the holidays.

Difficulty level: 2/10
Time: 7-10 minutes
Equipment: Nothing

3. Planks

This is everybody’s favourite workout! (I’m hoping the sarcasm reaches you through the computer screen.) Planks are one of the hardest, most strenuous at home workouts, but they really help with the flabby tummies. Most of us have issues with the extra fat on our stomachs. We may not be aspiring for abs, but we definitely don’t want a potbelly. Planks, albeit difficult, can really help suck tummy fat in. 30 seconds, or a minute every day, added into your workout routine, can really help prep your body to look awesome in a swimsuit! And don’t forget, summer is just around the corner.

Difficulty level: 8/10
Time: 15/30 second – 1 minute
Equipment: Yoga mat or carpet optional

4. Squats

If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, and want what they have, squats are the way to get there. There are many different ways you can do a squat, but lets start with the basic. Everyday, do a 10 minute routine of 15-20 squats. If you want to increase the difficulty level, you can hold weights in either hand, and even add some jumping in.

Difficulty level: 5/10
Time: 1o minutes
Equipment: Nothing

5. Weight Lifting

If you’re thinking of skipping this point and scrolling down, because you don’t have any weights, hold on. You don’t need a row of dumbbells in order to lift weights. You can strengthen those arms with anything heavy enough. Take a couple of gallons of milk or juice from the fridge, and raise them up and down every day. Again, a simple 5-10 minute routine, this is easy, and effective. Obviously if you have dumbbells, use them for this workout.

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Difficulty level: 3/10
Time: 5-1o minutes
Equipment: Weights/gallons of milk etc

6. Push Ups

This workout can be done anywhere, any place, and any time. Pushups strengthen your arms, legs, and bellies, basically giving you a full body workout in just under 10 minutes. Again, the exercise can be modified by adding in jumps, planks, and even weights. You can find many different types of push ups online, and you can vary the workout differently everyday.

Difficulty level: 6/10
Time: 5-1o minutes
Equipment: Yoga mat or carpet optional

7. Lunges

Lunges target muscle groups in your lower body. With similar benefits to squats, this might be a slightly easier workout than squats. They are often blended together to create a more effective yet difficult exercise. There are a plethora of different types of lunges, walking lunges, running and even jumping lunges. You can also add in weights, to try and get the upper body muscles working too.

Difficulty level: 4/10
Time: 5-1o minutes
Equipment: Nothing

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8. Circuit Training

This is probably one of the best workouts you can do. Combine the above mentioned workouts and give about 1 minute to each, and keep switching to the next one. And there you’ll have it. A complete full body workout in under 10 minutes. You can add in some exercises you like, or you can even follow a youtube video. Spare 10 minutes from your day, every day whether its solo, or as a family, and stay fit over the holidays!

Angel Merchant
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