Covid-19: UAE Ministry Now Approves Online Services To Hold Weddings

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Covid-19: UAE Ministry Now Approves Online Services To Hold Weddings

Covid-19 has turned the world literally upside down. People across the world have changed their way of living. E-learning, remote working, and now e-weddings are also becoming a new Covid trend. Yes, you read that right! The UAE Ministry has now approved Muslim weddings to take place online. The new initiative comes as a precautionary measure to fight covid.

Muslim weddings will now be able to take place online, right from the registration of the marriage contract down to the recital of the Quran. How awesome is that! This way, weddings can continue while following social distancing rules. The online wedding service is activated from today, 12 April 2020.

How Can You Access The Service?

Those who wish to access the service must:

1. Logging on to the website of the Ministry of Justice

2. Clicking on the e-services option

3. Choose the e-Systems function

4. Click on the e-Zawaj System, which has the icon of two wedding rings

Once the above details are submitted, the Ministry will of Justice will book you an appointment, along with an imam to recite the Quran via a video conference.

After the authorized parities confirm the date, payment must be made online. The contact is signed electronically and will then be sent via email to the Sharia court. The court will verify all the information, ratify the marriage contract, and send it to the couple directly to their mobile phones.

What Else?

On another note, hospitals in Abu Dhabi now have fever clinics situated at the entrance. The new system, put into place by VPS healthcare, will screen all individuals before entering the hospital. This will help ensure a more effective and efficient method of testing for the coronavirus.

The system will allow healthcare professionals to screen individuals visiting the hospitals for Covid-19 symptoms. Those showing Covid symptoms will receive immediate medical care. Fever clinics are located at the following hospital branches across Abu Dhabi city, and Mussafah.

Fever clinic branches so far:

  • Burjeel hospital
  • LLH hospital
  • Medeor hospitals
  • Lifecare hospitals