Covid-19 Vaccine In UAE: Here’s A Detailed List Of All The Vaccination Centres In Each Emirate

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Covid-19 Vaccine In UAE: Here’s A Detailed List Of All The Vaccination Centres In Each Emirate

The UAE has doled out four vaccines in the UAE for use on eligible individuals against the COVID-19 infection: Sinopharm, Pfizer-BioNTech, Sputnik V and AstraZeneca. The UAE is offering these vaccines to its citizens and residents free of charge and on optional basis after ensuring that the person has no condition or symptom that make it inadvisable. Nursing mothers, pregnant women and children are excluded from COVID-19 vaccinations.

The vaccine that’s given on a larger scale in the UAE is Sinopharm. Priority is given to citizens and residents above the age of 18, particularly, the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases. Sinopharm vaccine requires two doses. The first dose is taken following an assessment of the patient’s health and the second dose is taken after a period averaging between 21 to 28 days.

On 22 December 2020, MoHaP announced the emergency registration of Pfizer. Those over the age of 16 are now able to get the Pfizer vaccine and those over the age of 18 can receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca.In Dubai the AstraZeneca vaccine has also now been approved for certain citizens and residents.

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All The Covid-19 Vaccination Centres In The UAE

1. Dubai


People living in Dubai can get the Sinopharm vaccine at Alittihad Health Center, Hor Al Anz Health Centre and Al Qusais Health Centre, One Central at World Trade Centre, and Dubai Parks & Resort.


Zabeel Primary Health Care Centre, Al Mizhar Primary Health Care Centre, Nad Al Hamr Primary Health Care Centre, Al Barsha Primary Health Care Centre, Uptown Miriff Medical Fitness Centre and Hatta Hospital, Al Safa Primary Health Care Centre. Do note that prior booking is necessary.

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2. Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi has 11 clinics where you can get the Pfizer vaccine. Prior booking is required at all clinics. The list includes:

Seha run Al Zafaranah Diagnostic and Screening Centre
Madinat Mohamed Bin Zayed Healthcare Centre
Al Bahia Healthcare Centre
Al Jazeera Sports Club
Mub Oud Al Touba Diagnostic and Screening Centre (Al Ain)
Neima Healthcare Centre (Al Ain)
Al Dhafra Family Medicine Centre (Al Dhafra)
Mubadala Health vaccination centres
Al Jazeera Sports Club
Mubadala Tower and Al Ain city branch


The Sinopharm vaccine in Abu Dhabi is available in all clinics run by Seha, and at hospitals and clinics run by VPS Healthcare.

3. Ras Al Khaimah

The vaccine is available at:

Health Center
Al Manaie Health Center
Showka Health Center
Kadrah Health Center
Wadi Sifni Health center
Al Rams Health Center
Saif Bin Ali Health Center
Al Humraniah Health Center
Al Nakeel Health Center
Al Digdagah Health Center
Shamal Health Center
Sports Hall
Sheikh Khalifa Hall
Alfareq Al Motanaqel
RAK Hospital

4. Sharjah

In Sharjah, the vaccine is available at:

Wasit Medical Centre
Mughaider Suburb Council
West tent, Sajaa Mall
Al Rifaa Health centre
Al Khalidiya Health center
Alriqa Health centre
Sharjah Health Center
Alhamryeh Health center
Nazwa Health Center
Albatayih Health Center
Wadi Alhelo Health Center
Lou Aluoayyah Health center
Dibba Alhessan Health Center
Al Zahra Hospital, Zulekha Hospital
Central Private Hospital
Saudi German Hospital
Burjeel Speciality Hospital
Prime Specialist Medical Center

5. Ajman

In Ajman, the vaccine is available at:

Al Humaidiyah Centre
Sheikh Khalifa Hall, Mushairef Health Center
Al Manama Health Center
Muzaira Health center
Amina Hospital
Saudi German Hospital
Prime Medical Center EGM
Thumbay University Hospital

6. Umm Al Quwain

In Umm Al Quwain, the vaccine is available at:

Sheikh Khalifa Hall
Falaj Almualla Health Center
Alrafa Health center
Alkhazan Health Center

7. Fujairah

In Fujairah, the vaccine is available at:

Murashid Medical Centre
Sheikh Khalifa Hall, Dhadna Health center
Al Khalibia Health center
Al Madina Medical Center
Al Bidya Health Center
Murbah Health Center MOH
Al Qurayyah Health Center
Al Halah Primary Health center
Tawyeen Health Center
Al Siji Primary Health Center
Wadi Al Sedir Health center
Qidfaa Health center
School Health Center Fujeirah
Dibba Exhibition Centre
Thumbay Hospital
Al Sharq Hospital

Don’t forget to take your Emirates ID and health insurance / healthcare cards to produce on arrival. In line with the updated schedules for the Covid -19 Vaccination, all vaccination centres will continue to provide the vaccine from Sunday to Thursday.