Authentic Amritsari Kulchas At Sainath Kulcha In Chembur

  • Address : Sainath Kulcha, 21, Kolwada Borla Rd, ChemburColony, RCF Colony, Chembur, Mumbai
  • Contact : +919619620101

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Indulge in a cheat day with North Indian delicacies at Sainath Kulcha in Chembur. 

What Is It?

If you’ve been craving authentic North Indian kulchas, Sainath Kulcha in Chembur should be your go-to place! Located in the heart of Chembur at Chembur Camp, this small joint is right opposite everyone’s favourite dessert corner – Jama Sweets. Sainath Kulcha was the first to introduce authentic Amritsari Kulchas to Mumbai. Currently in its 2nd generation, the stall came into existence in Chembur in 1975. At that time, Sainath Kulcha was merely a handcart that prepared alu and gobi kulchas. But over the years, Sainath Kulcha became really popular among the local public and also residents from other areas. 

Back in the day, Sainath used to sell kulchas only for 2 aanas, and now they range from ₹50 to ₹80.. how the time changes! Despite that, Sainath has been receiving loyal customers for years. 

A Kulcha lover’s paradise, this place has plenty of stuffed Kulchas served with chole and salad to satiate your cravings. Whether you’re looking for a filling breakfast or a mid-day snack, Sainath is where you should head to. 

Sainath Kulcha

Sainath Kulcha

What To Eat?

Their menu is strictly vegetarian and you can get started with Alu Cheese Stuffed Kulchas served with chole and chutney. If you want to try something filling, go for the Paneer/Paneer Cheese Kulcha or the Mix Veg Stuffed Kulchas. Sainath’s food is not just stomach feeling and heart pleasing, but also very easy on the pocket. Within ₹100, you can have a meal out here!

Sainath Kulcha

Sainath Kulcha


Address: Sainath Kulcha, 21, Kolwada Borla Rd, ChemburColony, RCF Colony, Chembur, Mumbai
Phone: +919619620101
Cost: ₹100 for two people

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