Crazy Discounts At Mumbai Duty Free At Mumbai International Airport


Mumbai International Airport is probably one of my favourite places. As a frequent traveller, I come here often and I’m always in awe of the amazing architecture. However, this time around, there is a massive sale at the Mumbai Duty Free so let me help you with a few tips!

Make sure you reach the Mumbai International Airport an hour before your flight schedule so that you get to shop uninterrupted and free of any anxiety. Shopping with a calm mind lets you discover more!

1. Receive The Gift Card

Anyone who walks into the Mumbai International Airport will be handed a free gift card worth ₹ 300 right after your security check. This you can redeem on a wide range of products be it assorted chocolates, fashionable clothing, makeup etc. Come let’s go and shop!

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2. Navigation

The Mumbai International Airport is a huge airport with so many stores and food joints as well as waiting areas. I know this can make even the most experienced of shoppers a little worried as to how to cover all this ground. But let me tell you how you can navigate our way through the Airport without losing out on anything or missing your flight.

The Airport has a well-structured plan that divided the Mumbai Duty-Free shops into five zones. These are Perfumes and Cosmetics, Confectionary and Indian Gourmet, Electronics, Beverages and Fashion and Luxury. No more getting lost among a host of stores, you can easily locate where you need to head by which zone you want to visit. Isn’t that great?

3. All The Good Stuff

It isn’t just Duty-free shopping people but so much more. There are deals on duty-free products, pre-order discounts, cash-backs, assured discount vouchers from partner brands and shopping money through gift cards. I bet you never heard the word ‘discount’ so much in your life! And it only gets better if you are a Citibank cardholder as you will get a flat 15% cashback on top of all the crazy deals and discounts.

4. What You Gain

Want to know exactly how cheap the duty-free shops are with their numerous discounts? Well, I bought 2 whole bottles of perfume from the popular brand Hugo Boss called Tonic Water. At retail stores, one bottle is worth ₹5600. But here you can get the SAME product for 1100₹ cheaper!

What’s more, the entire gamut of promotions and deals are applicable to cosmetics as well where the Studio Fix Mac Compact is priced at ₹2000, originally sold at ₹2500. And the much loved Retro Matte Lipstick, you will get for just ₹1600, otherwise priced at ₹2050!

5. Assured Quality Of All Products

Here it straight from me, you can be totally at ease when buying the products here as all the brands that you see here ship their stocks directly from the brands’ warehouses internationally. So you can completely rest assured about the quality of the products you’re buying especially when it comes to makeup, or fragrances or even fashion accessories.

And that’s not all if you shop worth ₹6000 at the Departures and worth ₹4000 at the Arrivals, you will get a ‘Mumbai Duty-Free Is Now Free’ envelope containing discount vouchers, redeemable coupons and complementary experiences from partner brands.

Well, shopping at duty-free for me has never been this hassle-free. There’s literally anything you’d want to buy here, so if you have last-minute gift shopping, this duty-free definitely comes to your rescue. Have a safe flight and enjoy the duty-free shopping experience!

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While you Delhiites can enjoy this cool shopping experience here:

Madhusree Chatragadda
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