Top 10 Places For Street Shopping In Mumbai

by Mrunal Mahajan
Top 10 Places For Street Shopping In Mumbai

Ladies, these places should be well versed by you all. Now don’t think I’m stereotyping, but most of these markets sell women clothing and accessories. Let’s get started on how varies the Mumbai markets are. Here, right from a beautiful nose ring to a short skirt, you will find everything.

1. Colaba Causeway, Colaba

Colaba Causeway is by far the best and the most crowded place for shopping. Every Mumbaikar has come here to shop at least once in their life. The range of earrings, the variety of Jhumkas and the beautiful colors spread across the market just put you right in the shopping mood. And the best part is, you can bargain (if you have the skills). And for when you get tired there is a whole lane full of cafes and street food as well.


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2. Fashion Street, CST

Back in the day, before Colaba causeway stole all the thunder, Fashion Street was the bustling area for all the Mumbaikars. I remember buying like a dozen scarfs and all under ₹1000. The area is most populated during the day time and the market has all kinds of clothing, for both men and women. The variety of shoes here just amazes me everything. You can spend the entire day just shopping. Also, a tip from a regular shopper, do not forget to try Goti Soda while you are there.

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3. Linking Road, Bandra

Linking road is a cool place if you are looking for particular jeans or a famous top an actress wore in your favourite bollywood film. The market is always up to date with new trends and they most definitely won’t disappoint you with their variety. The place is always busy with shoppers and can sometimes get chaotic. But, hey, street shopping is an effort. Not everyone can do it. While you are here, try some of their best Elco Pani Puri and toast sandwiches.

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4. Crawford Market, CST

Oh, this one is a one-stop shop for all your needs. Hope appliances, kitchen utensils, if you want to shop for a party, if you are planning a huge event, your art and craft paradise, mobile covers, just everything you would ever need. They also keep pet birds and animals for sale. They have the best decor for festivals and parties. But I must also tell you that you would get lost in these lanes if you are a newbie. Feast yourself with apple juice and sev puri!

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5. Manish Market, CST

Manish market is famous for clothing and dress pieces. Here, you will find all kinds of clothes and designs. Embroidered, hand stitched, wool, cotton, ready-made, your search stops here. Be sure to get the shop keepers to bargain, they then to overcharge new people. For the ones who love funky mobile covers, you will not be disappointed with the Manish Market. And no, it is not named after Manish Malhotra, but it’s nothing less than that.

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6. Bhuleshwar, CST

The colorful market of Bhuleshwar is famous for jewelers and all kinds of crystals and stones. I once bought seashells to make a necklace like the one the show in movies. My point being, you can ask for anything and they will probably have it in bulk. The stores here are tightly placed and the market place is always busy. Early evening around 5 pm you can find beautiful flowers and Mogras that just lifts up the entire atmosphere at Bhuleshwar.

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7. Lalbaug Market, Chinchpokli

Like Manish Market, Lalbaugh is also famous for dress pieces and clothing. Lalbaugh is very famous for the grand Ganesh Utsav and the place is jam-packed during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Lalbaugh hosts the biggest Ganesh idol and people from all over the city come here to take blessings. Apart from the festival, the market is famous for spices, lentils, and all your general kitchen stuff. 

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8. Hill Road, Bandra

Hill road is for all you college girls who want a change of wardrobe every alternate month. The market has all the women-centric things like shoes, clothes, jeans top, and even kurtas. Hill road in Badra is similar to the causeway and Bandra linking road. To come here and not try the street delicacies would be a sin.


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9. CST Camera Gully

And finally, for all you techies and mobile cover fanatics, this is your place to shop. Now, this lane has not been named particularly but I like to call it he CST gully. It starts from Mc Donalds which is diagonally opposite to  CST station. Mobile cover, cords, earphones, headphones, camera equipment every small camera part, you will find here.
Here, you get it cheaper than what they sell in stores and they also give you a guarantee for this equipment. Mobile repairing shops, camera repairing stores, they have everything. The best place to have lunch while you are shopping is Pancham Puri wala, cheap, healthy and absolutely tasty.

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10. Hindamata, Dadar

Well, this one is a good old market with again all the clothing material. It can most definitely be the place where you can find a traditional dress, kurtas, Salwars, and the in-trend embroidered dupattas. The market is filled with variety and colors making everyone shop a little bit more. This market is also for your wedding shopping and jewelry for parties and family functions!

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