Invincible, Mumbai’s First Boudoir Resto-Lounge Opens In Bandra

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Invincible, Mumbai’s First Boudoir Resto-Lounge Opens In Bandra

Gone are the days of abundantly loud and beer infested masculine places thanks to Invincible, a boudoir resto-lounge now open in Bandra. Those who enjoy a cooler vibe, choicest of jazzy tunes, flavours that make you go wow and cocktails that get you tipsy AND tastes great, this is the place to be. “Boudoir” which translates to a private room for ladies back in the day, this resto-lounge offers an intimate and a lavish space to all the women out there. Having said that, all who despise overbearing and dominating men are welcome here. As long as you have an awesome woman by your side. And you ladies can have a quiet time by yourself too!

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The Vibe 
Keeping the concept of a boudoir in mind, the owners, Anu Paul and Basab Paul bring a little of Parisian-inspired culture to Mumbai, by showcasing red-velvet backgrounds, gilded mirrors and antiques that boast the ever-lasting art and culture of France.

Credits: Invincible

The centre of attraction remains the wall painted in hues of blue and bright colours that signify a woman as unbridled, unconquerable, just being their own selves. Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin, chooses to be the place where a woman has the chance to be herself, simply be unapologetic of who she is.

Along with simply offering an indoor seating, Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin also boats a unique Champagne Garden for all the women who want to let down their hair and relax in this beautifully decorated space. Here, one can witness eloquently designed cabanas with, an exotic vertical garden that pleases the eye. This Champagne Garden is perfect for pre-dinner, drinks and even for Sundowners.

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The Food
Chefs, Shweta and Sunaeyaa showcase a bold and distinctive flair of various curated dishes. Further lined with beautiful rose gold foil, and printed in pleasing colours. The menu includes incredible cuisines such as Pan-Asian and European cuisine, a few of the highlights are dishes such as ‘Peanut Melange’, ‘Double Jeopardy’, ‘Pandan Infused Seafood Cake’, ‘Sous vide Pork Chilli’,
‘Roti Kanai with Seafood Kedgeree’, ‘Bailey’s parfait’ and ‘Tiramisu’, with an additional


We would definitely recommend the delightfully spicy Siracha Tahini Sauce Cottage Cheese that will be wiped off your plate by you and your pals in no time. For mains, the perfectly cooked Beet Risotto will surprise your palette with a cheesy yet a fresh pop of tanginess from the juicy pieces of beetroot. For the non-veg fanatics, try the chicken poppers you won’t be able to stop eating and the very filling, big on flavours,  Butter Chichen with a seafood-based rice dish and a south-east take on the roti, Canai.


For dessert, you must try the fluffiest tiramisu you will ever eat. The texture is smooth as ever with just enough hint of some alcohol infusion sure to get you up on your toes! It will surely have you coming for more.

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The artistically pleasing aesthetics match well with the array of cocktails that will immediately make you sit up and take notice of Invincible. Sharp flavours, your favourite alcohols, generous servings, it’s perfect for all who want to sip on a nice tangy drink with some cool music and great company. If you’re confused as to what to get, do not worry, the lounge staff will pick one according to your tastes and then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Our favourite drink was the Str Bck, a coffee-based cocktail served in a funky wide-mouthed glass with a few coffee beans and chilli powder floating on top. The unusual blend of alcohol and coffee with a hint of chili is totes the winner from our side. For those of you looking for more summery kind of drinks, try the C’est La Vie, it has refreshing notes to it bound to make you smile.

So next time you want to have the perfect Girl’s Day Out or even a romantic dinner with bae, you where to go.

Address: Invincible Boudoir Et Jardin, 164, Hill Road, Next to Holy Family Hospital, Bandra West, Mumbai -50.
Contact: +91-9372954545, +91-22-61322221

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