10 Travel Tips For The Monsoons From A Mumbaikar

by Mrunal Mahajan
10 Travel Tips For The Monsoons From A Mumbaikar

As we know monsoons have approached and we must take good care of our selves as it becomes awfully difficult to function while you are sick or have a running nose. Take these tips from someone who travels 2 hours daily to reach office and 2 hours back to reach home. I have seen how crazy it can get during monsoons, hence these tips to avoid falling ill. Just something we can easily prevent.

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1. Carry An Umbrella/ Windcheater
This one is no brainer if you want to stay clear of the heavy rains. Now we have the tiniest umbrellas that can fit into almost any bag. I personally do not like windcheater a lot, I somehow have always got drenched when I carry it. They do not cover the over part of your body. I mean what is the point when you anyway end up getting partly wet? But again it is useful for people who travel by two-wheelers.

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2. Travel Light 
This one is a must, you cannot be wearing a full sleeve shirt and heavy jeans when it is pouring crazy outside. Try wearing lightweight clothes, or nothing that sticks your body. I would totally go for shorts or a dress that will help me to stay dry as much as possible. Carry an extra pair of clothes in your bag if you can that will help you stay warm for a little while.

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3. Appropriate Shoes 
Shoes are so important in the monsoon! Even if you are carrying an umbrella and wearing light clothes, it will not make sense if you have heavy white canvas shoes. White colour according to me should be totally avoided in the rainy season! Wear rain-friendly shoes, meaning the ones which are not sports shoes, avoid something that has just thin straps, avoid using sandals! Wear something that has a good grip or something that cover entire feet.

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4. Carry Power Banks
It is a possibility that you will get stuck in rains, you do not want to run out of battery! Informing your parents or friends if where you are stranded somewhere, it is of utmost importance. Look out for some live electric wire just lying on the road, make sure you don’t step on it. Avoid carrying heavy objects like a laptop in your bag. I always make sure that I at least have one movie or some episodes of a show so that I don’t go crazy when I’m stuck!

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5. Avoid Eating Ice-cream
Ice-creams are irresistible, I understand more than anyone. But you cannot your cravings get the better of you. You will most definitely have a running nose & cold for a week if you end up eating ice cream in heavy rain. Try eating food items like soups and khichdi which will keep you warm.

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6. Always Check Weather Updates
Before you leave your house check weather updates, news or just classic old radio updates. Mumbai Railways are just the worst during rains, there were some days when the train did not move from one place for hours together. It is better to be aware of what the weather will be like before planning your day.

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7. Avoid Outside Food
Junk food is the worst during monsoon, do not consume anything oily. In monsoon, cold water, cold food is a big no-no. It is something that we have been told since we were kids. Water used can be easily be contaminated. There is a high chance that you will find flies sitting on uncovered food. That should be reason enough for you to not eat junk food. Carry tiffin, carry dry fruits or homemade laddoos that you can munch on when hungry.

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8. Carry A Zip-Lock
You get a cover for your phone in merely 10 rupees. Invest in that cover! Always make sure your phone is out of water. That is your only means to connect with your family and friends in an emergency situation! Most of us don’t know numbers byheart to contact in case we run out of battery. Prevent getting in such a situation and always take good care of your phone especially in monsoons.

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9. Do Not Drink Cold Water
You will get a bad throat if you drink a lot of cold water, try sipping on as much as warm water. Cold water will most definitely give you a fever and running nose and some who have sinus issues should be extra careful. Make sure the water you drink is purified, invest in a purifier. And if that you cannot do, the boil water and store in safe in a pot.

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10. Do Not Wash Your Hair and Leave The Wet
This comes from personal experience. Once I washed my hair late in the night and slept like a baby without drying them. The next morning I woke up with a choked up nose continued by a severe headache all day. Please do not do something stupid like me. Take proper medicines and syrups for your cold.