Croatia’s Oldest National Park Is Every Traveler’s Dream

by Angel Srivastava
Croatia’s Oldest National Park Is Every Traveler’s Dream

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Plitvice Lake National Park  in Croatia is one of the most unique places in the world with 16 interconnecting lakes, stunning viewpoints, and photogenic waterfalls and here is why you need to add it to your travel bucket list TODAY!

Image Credits: Intrepid Travel

What Is It?

Imagine a place hidden amidst lush greenery and clear blue waters. Sounds like vacation goals right? Well, we found a place just like that and it looks straight out of a fairytale.

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Image Credits: Pixabay/Benjamin C

Plitvice Lake National Park in Croatia is a UNESCO world heritage site, formed by 16 natural lakes. It is Croatia’s oldest National Park and boasts of unique flora and fauna, and breath-taking turquoise still waters making it the perfect Insta-worthy destination.

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It’s quiet ambiance, secret waterfalls, and lack of crowd makes it the perfect place for those looking to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily city life, and give them a chance to reconnect with nature.

What’s In It?

Plitvice Lakes National Parks contains 16 lakes interconnected via waterfalls. These lakes vary in color from emerald green to turquoise to deep blue, depending on the mineral content and lighting conditions.

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The 16 lakes are all beautiful, with crystal clear water. They are divided into two parts. Gornja Jezera (Upper Lakes) and Donja Jezera (Lower Lakes). The park has winding pathways, and wooden footbridges to get around, with huge clouds of colourful butterflies swarming overhead adding to the experience.

Image Credits: Pixabay/Toni Zimmermann

It takes over 6 hours to explore the entire park on foot. We would recommend you to make use of the park’s free boats and buses that depart every 30 minutes. This would cut short your travel time by 2 hours, giving you ample time to explore and click pictures.

Image Credits: Pixabay/H. Hach

What Else?

The Plitvice Lake National Park is a nature’s miracle with upper lakes, lower lakes, and waterfalls and we just cannot stop ourselves from being awestruck by its breath-taking beauty. We would suggest that you at least stay there for a day to take proper time as you explore both the upper and lower lakes in their full glory.

Image Credits: Pixabay/H. Hach

The lakes and waterfalls exist because of TUFA formation which leads to the formation of tufa barriers. Tufa is the hollow, porous rock which is formed because of the deposition of dissolved calcium carbonate in the water by plants, algae, and mosses. The lakes of various size in Plitvice Lakes National Park are a result of the biodynamic process of developing tufa barriers.

Photo: Raftrek Adventure Travel

There is no particular time of the year that could be dubbed as the best time to visit the lakes. They look magnificent throughout the year. Each season brings out and highlights a new version of the national park.

Image Credits: Pixabay/ A.H.

If like us, you too love traveling, then make sure that you visit the Plitvice Lake National Park at least once in your life!