Crown Prince Camel Festival Is Returning To Saudi Arabia With Nearly 60000 Camel Displays & More

by Anupriya Mishra
Crown Prince Camel Festival Is Returning To Saudi Arabia With Nearly 60000 Camel Displays & More

The Crown Prince Camel Festival aims to promote the heritage of camel racing in Saudi Arabia. As it happens, this camel festival is returning again for 38 days on August 1, Tuesday. And this year, the event will be happening at Taif Camel Square, wherein it will promote the countries’ camel race and culture! Here’s more about this upcoming event.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Camel Festival To Happen In August

In a report by Arab News, it was mentioned that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Camel Festival will also promote the broader Arab heritage surrounding this popular sport and even support tourism. The 38-day camel festival is returning this August and will feature a large number of participants from around the world. In fact, a record number of dromedaries or expected at this year’s show!

These are expected from Saudi Arabia, international teams, and the Arab region. Going by the report of Saudi Moments, it was revealed that the opening event will start with preliminary races between the 1st and 12th August, which will comprise 350 rounds. Not to mention, up to 60,000 camels shall be on display this year. This hardly comes as a surprise, as the annual festival has recorded steady growth ever since it first began in the year 2018. Talking about the award this year, winners will receive an award worth SR56.255 million, as mentioned in the same report.

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The Festival Will Feature Nearly 600 Rounds

As it happens, this much-awaited event will feature almost 600 rounds! Did you know this festival was judged the world’s largest of its type by the Guinness world records? Yes, during its inaugural show, more than 11,000 camels were featured at the event, earning its title! Moreover, earlier this week, the Public Investment Fund mentioned that they established the Sawani Company, which aims to be the largest producer of camel dairy products. In case you didn’t know, camel milk is famous for its nutritional benefits, which include higher amounts of minerals and vitamins like A, B, E, and C.

So, with the unique festival just days away, make sure to check it out!

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