CT Quickies: From 23k Gold Plated Tea To Dubai Balloon, Top 10 Middle East News Updates For You

Middle East news
by Deeplata Garde

As promised we are back with weekly updates for you. Did you get time to catch up with the Middle East news this week with your busy schedule? Well, we are here to rescue you with news that is worth a quick glance. So check out.

Top 10 Weekly News From The Middle East

1. Dubai Gets 23k Gold-Plated Tea

Visit Marhaba Lounge in Park Regis which recently launched Golden Afternoon tea hours which is inclusive of 23K Gold Tea.

2. Free Stopover Visa Of 96 hrs In Saudi

Saudi Kingdom announces first-ever free transit visa services with 96-hour stopover visa for all countries.

3. Burj Khalifa To Play Happy Birthday For The Whole Month

If your birthday falls in February, visit Burj Khalifa and get snapped with balloons against the iconic building as it plays Happy Birthday for the entire month.

4. UAE’S Highest Tea Restaurant

1484 By Puro introduced Afternoon tea this week making it the highest afternoon tea served in UAE.

5. Taste Of Food Returns To Dubai

The most awaited three-day food festival is back food, masterclass and a lot of entertainment this weekend.

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6. Dubai Ranks As Popular Wedding Destination of 2023

middle east news

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After Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai has ranked to be the top popular destination for all types of weddings in 2023.

7. Italian Gozzo Come To Dubai

Italian Cha Cha boats, also known as Gozzos, are currently moored in Dubai’s open waterways.

8. Dubai Balloon To Fly Over Palm Jumeirah

Soon you will witness a big helium balloon flying 300 above Palm Jumeirah. Book your trip and experience a bird’s eye view of Dubai hotspots.

9. Saudi To Renovate And Build New Stadiums For Asian Cup 2027


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After Qatar’s successful World Cup event, Saudi is set to renovate and build new Stadiums to welcome another football tournament, Asian Cup 2027.

10.12th Edition Of Light Village Returns To Sharjah


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Sharjah will be lit up with lights, art displays, entertainment activities and more from the 8th to the 19th of February.

See y’all next week!

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