CT Quickies: From Dolly Chaiwala In Dubai To Deaths In Egypt Due To Extreme Weather, 10 Middle East Updates For You

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by Deeplata Garde
CT Quickies: From Dolly Chaiwala In Dubai To Deaths In Egypt Due To Extreme Weather, 10 Middle East Updates For You

Middle East is abuzz with exciting developments across various sectors. From boosting MSME exports to innovative app launches, here’s a roundup of the latest updates making waves in the Middle East.

1. Middle East Update: Dubai Market Welcomes Bengal Handicrafts

In a significant move, the state government of Bengal is set to propel its Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) and Textile sectors by exporting handicrafts to Dubai. Talks between Bengal officials and a Dubai-based organisation have paved the way for potential collaborations. A delegation from Dubai is expected to visit Bengal soon to finalise plans for exporting these artisanal products, marking a promising opportunity for Bengal’s artisans on the global stage.

2. Eid al-Adha Security: Dubai ESC Ensures Safety Across the Emirate

The Dubai Event Security Committee (ESC) has geared up to ensure the safety and security of events, tourist spots, and key locations during the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays. Collaborating with 55 government and private sector partners, ESC aims to maintain order with enhanced security measures. Motorists are advised to adhere to speed limits, and jet ski users are urged to avoid crowded family areas on the beaches, ensuring a safe and enjoyable holiday for residents and visitors alike.

3. Deliveroo’s Unveils Electric Bikes Pilot in Dubai


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Deliveroo has launched a pioneering pilot programme in Dubai featuring electric bikes equipped with battery-swapping technology. This initiative aims to evaluate the feasibility and performance of electric vehicles (EVs) in real-world delivery scenarios. As part of Deliveroo’s commitment to sustainability, this pilot explores greener alternatives to traditional motorbikes, potentially shaping the future of urban delivery services in Dubai.

4. Egypt’s Heatwave And Electrical Overload Claims Life Of 40 People

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Egypt is grappling with a severe heatwave, with temperatures soaring between 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, exacerbating electrical overloads. The southern province of Aswan has been particularly affected, resulting in tragic fatalities. In response, Egypt’s parliament has called for exemptions from power cuts in southern regions to mitigate the strain on electrical infrastructure during the scorching summer months.

5. St. Petersburg To Muscat Direct Flights Set To Soar

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Exciting news for travellers! Direct flights between St. Petersburg, Russia, and Muscat, Oman, will commence later this year. Currently connected through layovers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, these flights will significantly enhance travel convenience, with passenger forecasts expecting a substantial increase. This development promises greater accessibility and connectivity between Russia and Oman, catering to rising travel demands. Presently, there are 15 weekly flights connecting St. Petersburg and Oman, involving stopovers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Flydubai operate these flights.

6. Scenic Drive at Old Doha Port’s Mina District Is Now Accessible By Vehicles

Old Doha Port has introduced a new service allowing vehicles to access its scenic Mina District road. Visitors can now enjoy a leisurely drive amidst picturesque architecture, conveniently parking near stores and restaurants. This initiative aims to enhance the visitor experience during the summer season, offering a blend of cultural immersion and modern comfort.

7. The New Flight Route, Riyadh To Sarajevo Opens at King Khalid International Airport

King Khalid International Airport is set to launch direct flights between Riyadh and Sarajevo in collaboration with flyadeal. Commencing this month, these flights will operate seven times a week using Airbus A320 aircraft, facilitating smoother travel between Saudi Arabia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

8. Middle East Updates: Hamad International Airport Resumes Daily Flights For Venice

Hamad International Airport resumes daily flights to Venice, Italy, adding to its existing routes to Milan and Rome. Recently crowned the World’s Best Airport, Hamad International continues to expand its connectivity, making travel across Italy seamless and convenient for passengers.

9. DubaiDrive App Innovation: Driving License & More Services At Your Fingertips

Dubai residents can now manage driving and vehicle licences conveniently through the #DubaiDrive app. Offering easy access to services like licence renewal and application, DubaiDrive simplifies administrative tasks with user-friendly features. Available on App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery, the app marks a step forward in digital governance, enhancing efficiency for residents.

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10. Meet Dolly Chaiwala: Nagpur’s Newest Sensation in Dubai


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Dolly Chaiwala from Nagpur has become a social media sensation in Dubai, capturing attention with his recent appearances. Sporting traditional Emirati attire and immersing in local hospitality, Dolly has been spotted at airports and cultural shows, attracting fans eager for selfies with the rising star.

Stay tuned as the Middle East continues innovating and entertaining with these exciting city developments. Whether it’s business, leisure, or cultural exploration, Dubai offers something for everyone amidst its dynamic landscape of growth and diversity.

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