CT Quickies: Haramain Rail’s Increased Capacity For Hajj To Traffic Diversion In Ajman; 10 Middle East Updates

We have enlisted a few important updates from the Middle East that you might want to keep in mind, to stay ahead of the new developments!

by Anupriya Mishra
CT Quickies: Haramain Rail’s Increased Capacity For Hajj To Traffic Diversion In Ajman; 10 Middle East Updates

There are many updates that are constantly happening in the Middle East. If you’re also trying to constantly keep up with all the news, then, we’re here to help you out. We have enlisted a few important updates from the Middle East that you might want to keep in mind, to stay ahead of the new developments!

Middle East Updates

1. Harmain Rail Is Ready For Hajj Season

Saudi Arab Railways announced that it was now ready to receive pilgrims this year. Yes, the Haramain Rail is ready to receive the pilgrims for the Hajj Season, this year. Yes, and the number of available seats has also been increased to 1.6 million! For those who are not aware, this is a 453-km railway that passes through the King Abdulaziz Airport Station (Jeddah), the main Jeddah station in the Sulaymaniyah District, and King Abdullah Economic City. Moreover, The high-speed train previously offered a 1.3 million seating capacity.

2. Dubai Pavillion At GITEX Africa 2024

Digital Dubai recently put up a Dubai Pavillion at GITEX Africa 2024. It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t a collaboration with eight entities from Dubai. Not to mention, as reported by the Dubai Media Office, it showcases 25 pioneering projects! These are all in digital transformation across several sectors.

3. Visit Visa Holders Not Allowed In Makkah In Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Interior recently announced that visit visa holders of all types will not be allowed to enter or remain in the city of Makkah from May 23 to June 21. The ministry stated that the visit visas do not allow permission for performing. So, visitors in Saudi Arabia with visit visas have been asked to avoid travelling to Makkah during the given period. As it happens, violators will be subject to penalties according to the regulations of the kingdom.

4. Iconic Buildings Light Up In Orange On MS

On World Multiple Sclerosis Day, several iconic buildings in Abu Dhabi lit up in orange. Raising awareness about the same and in support of the people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), buildings like Khalifa University were glowing in bright orange colour on May 30, Thursday.

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5. King Khalid Racecourse To Stage 1st Race For The Season In Saudi Arabia

It was recently revealed that the King Khalid Racecourse will be staging a group race for the first time this season. This came after it was announced that the King Faisal Cup would be upgraded to Group 3 level. Yes, it was announced by the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing authorities. This is a landmark for Saudi Arabia’s summer racecourse. Not to mention, it showcases its continued growth and improvement of the purebred program. As a result, it reflects the importance of in Saudi Arabian culture

6. 4 Health Care Centre To Stop Tests For Residence Visa

Picture Credits: Pexels

It was recently revealed that four health centres will now stop medical fitness tests for Residence Visas from June 3. This was confirmed by Emirates Health Services, however, these tests will be available in the other health centres. In case you’re wondering, the four medical centres where the tests won’t be conducted for visas are as follows – Ajman Public Health Centre, Ras Al Khaimah Public Health Centre, Umm Al Quwain Public Health Centre, and Fujairah Public Health Centre.

7. Saudi Arabia Expands Asphalt Surface Cooling Initiative

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Pic Creds: Canva Stock Images

It was recently revealed by the Saudi Roads General Authority that there are plans for the expansion of the asphalt surface cooling initiative. This is going to be done in several locations within the holy sites. As reported by the Saudi Press Agency, the initiative aims to reduce temperatures in the neighbourhood and residential areas. As a result, it will lower the energy used to cool buildings.

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8. Dubai Press Club To Launch Podcast Programme

Recently, the Dubai Press Club announced the launch of the podcast programme. This is the first initiative of its kind in the region! Seeking to foster the growth of audio content creation and also nurture the skill set of content creators in the Arab world, it will certainly be an interesting program. It’s worth mentioning that this announcement was made at the press conference that was held on the second day of the Arab Media Forum, which is a part of the Arab Media Summit.

9. Traffic Diversion On Major Road In Ajman

Ajman Middle East Updates
Pic credits: Canva

Starting from June 2, there will be traffic diversion on a major road in Ajman. Ajman Police mentions that the traffic will be diverted on the Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street. So, the motorists coming from Ajman Port and the City Centre towards Sheikh Khalifa Interchange will face this diversion.

10. EV Chargers To Increase In The UAE

ev charger Middle East Updates
Pic credits: Canva

Soon, charging your electric vehicles in the UAE is going to become a lot quicker and easier. This will happen as innovative technology has been introduced by Adnoc Distribution at its fuel stations. It’s worth noting that right now the UAE is the largest fuel and retailer. Plus, it has 90 fast and super fast EV chargers at its fuel station across all the emirate. The company now aims to have anywhere between 150 to 200 EV chargers by the end of the year.

So, we hope you were able to keep up with all the new developments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & X/haramainrailway

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