Curly Tales Presents Unlimited À La Carte Menu At Autobahn In Mumbai

by Mrunal Mahajan
Curly Tales Presents Unlimited À La Carte Menu At Autobahn In Mumbai

Autobahn is Mumbai’s newest smart restaurant and I must say the most unique as well. Ever imagined the food coming right to your table on a conveyor belt? Well, that happens at Autobahn! They offer an unlimited pan India à la carte menu and if you are a Curly Tales follower then there is something special for you. An exclusive discount on their unlimited gold and platinum platter!

What Is It?
You can avail a Curly Tales Exclusive Discount at Autobhan’s unlimited gold and platinum pack. All you have to do is click on this link and avail a 30% discount on the gold pack and a 35% on the platinum pack. 

In the unlimited gold pack, you can choose any 6 items from the à la carte menu and you will have roti and rice complimentary. This is all served to you on conveyer belt absolutely fresh and piping hot! The unlimited gold pack is just for ₹ 489 and you can get yours by click on this link!

In the unlimited platinum pack, you can choose any 8 items from their entire menu and get them served directly to your table  Similar to the gold platter, you will have rice and roti complimentary. This platinum pack will cost you ₹ 585, which is 35% off the original price. Click on this link to get yourself this amazing deal.

Make sure you avail this offer as soon as possible as it is available only for a limited time period, that is 3 months from now. You use them anytime between these months.

What More?

The highlight here at Autobahn is that none of the food is re-heated. They serve and cook everything fresh! Isn’t that just amazing? What are you waiting for? Hurry up, grab your gold or platinum meal.

Enjoy some lip-smacking food along with Curly Tales’ Exclusive offers!