CT Takes You On A Virtual Tour Of La Mer


If there’s one thing we all miss during the pandemic, it’s got to be the beach. The leisure stroll, the quiet sunset and the many beach-side eateries describe Dubai’s charm and we know how you miss it. So, we at Curly Tales take you on a virtual tour to one of Dubai’s favorite beaches- La Mer!

La Mer is known for its electric vibe, buzzing vibe, bunch of activities, sports, shopping and nightlife. Well, this is literally a place where the whole family can be entertained. And if you’ve already been here, come, re-live your memories.

1. Sip On Selfie Coffee By The Beach

First up, take a stroll along the beach and soak in the vibe. And who says ‘no’ to coffee by the beach? But, this time you have a chance to give you cappuccino a selfing-twist. Catch22 lets you combine both your passions and offers you a Selfieccino. Upgrade your regular cappuccino to a selfieccino, you can even get a customised message designed instead!

2. Get That Adrenaline Rush

Its now time to pump up your adrenaline. La Mer is home to a fun theme park called the Laguna theme park. From water bikes to jet skiing, fly boarding and donut riding, adrenaline junkies are in for a big treat when here.

3. Grab A Bite At Masti

After all the water sports you are bound to feel hungry, so stop by for a delicious meal at Masti. This restaurant takes Kheema and turns it into a Popsicle! The Kheema Popsicle – AED 120 is authentically mischievous with a quinoa crust served with herb dip and cheese naan. Masti lets you experience food in a ‘New India’ style. The Tuna Bhel Tartare and Charcoal roasted chicken are a must-try when here.

4. Stroll By The Beach

Soak in a stunning sunset with your loved ones or take a stroll by the beach.

5. Become A Child At Hawa Hawa

Hawa Hawa, an outdoor trampoline park spread over 1,800 square metres, is a cool playground which is created to help promote a healthy lifestyle through some cardio activities. The dune-shaped trampoline park is ideal for children, teenagers and adults who can share some low-impact, high-intensity trampoline-type fun together. The park is also the first of its kind outside of East Asia, with two unique dunes , made from an all-weather double skin tensile membrane, imported from Japan and seven peaks.

6. Shop, Eat Repeat

La Mer has some pretty shops, selling a little something for everyone in the family. Shop your heart out at the cute fancy stores. Lastly, end you day on a sweet note with a frozen dessert from the Inventing Room or try the chocolate samosas at Roti Rollers if you’re craving something sweeter.


Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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