Customer Allegedly Finds Rat In Meal Served At Bandra’s Papa Pancho; Manager And Cooks Arrested

by Shreya Shriyan
Customer Allegedly Finds Rat In Meal Served At Bandra’s Papa Pancho; Manager And Cooks Arrested

Imagine going to a restaurant, ordering your favourite dish, eagerly waiting for it, and then, getting served a rat instead. Yeah, gross, right? Well, we think so too. But for one customer, this dreaded imagination turned true. He was served a rat in his dish at Papa Pancho Da Dhaba, a  popular restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai. 

Customer Allegedly Served Rat In His Meal At Bandra’s Papa Pancho

Two cooks and a manager of a famous restaurant in Bandra were arrested on August 15. Why? Well, a customer at the restaurant complained of finding a baby rat in his dish. On August 14, Anurag Singh, a bank executive from Goregaon, filed a police complaint, reported Hindustan Times. The restaurant was reported to be Papa Pancho Da Dhaba. 

As per reports, he did so after having an unpleasant meal at Papa Pancho Da Dhaba on the night of  August 12. The restaurant, known for its Punjabi cuisine, has maintained its popularity for over two decades. 

As per the report, after a day of shopping in Bandra, he went to the restaurant for dinner on August 12. While eating the chicken dish he ordered, he discovered a baby rat. At first, he hadn’t noticed it and accidentally consumed some, thinking it was chicken. 

Upon closer inspection, he recognized it as a baby rat, stated the report. In his statement given to Hindustan Times, he said that the chicken curry he ordered had a piece of meat that was much lighter than usual chicken meat. The report even stated that the publication had seen the image of the rat in the dish but refrained from publishing it. 

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What Happened Next?

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As per the report, Singh complained to the wait staff about the incident. He said that while they were apologetic, the manager did not even come forward for the next 45 minutes. The reports stated that Singh said he started feeling sick right after discovering the rat in the curry. Some of which he had already eaten. 

He consulted a doctor on his way back home who prescribed some medication, stated the report. As per the report, the arrests of the hotel manager, Vivian Sequeira and two cooks, were confirmed by an official from Bandra police. Hindustan Times reported that they had been booked under section 272 (adulteration of food meant to be sold). 

And also booked under Section 336 (rash or negligent behaviour that endangers a person’s life) of the Indian Penal Code.  As per the report, the three hotel members were later released on bail. The police official also said that they are now probing the meat supplier of the restaurant.

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So, the next time you order a dish that looks tasty but “different,” make sure to double-check it! 

Cover image courtesy: @papapanchodadhaba / Instagram