Cyclone Biporjoy: 184 Teams, 58 Control Rooms, Here’s How Guj Govt Saved Endangered Asiatic Lions

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Cyclone Biporjoy: 184 Teams, 58 Control Rooms, Here’s How Guj Govt Saved Endangered Asiatic Lions

On Thursday night, Gujarat’s coastal areas were hit as Cyclone Biporjoy made landfall. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) informed us that the cyclone’s intensity had reduced from a very severe cyclonic storm to a severe cyclonic storm. While the government gave guidelines to humans, they also made sure that the endangered asiatic lions were also saved. From appointing 184 teams to 58 control rooms, here’s what the plan was. 

Endangered Asiatic Lions Saved From Cyclone Biporjoy

asiatic lions
credits: wikimedia commons

The Gujarat government left no stone unturned in order to protect the wildlife in the state from the impact of Cyclone Biporjoy. It made numerous efforts and strived for a zero-causality approach. 

About 184 teams were formed in order to bring in rapid action, rescue, remove fallen trees, and save the endangered Asiatic lions. These teams were formed in nine divisions, which are Junagadh Forest, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Sasan, Gir West, Gir East, Porbandar, Jamnagar, and Morbi.

The rescue teams were deployed in Narayan Sarovar, Gir Forest, Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary in Kutch, Mata’s Madh, and Barda. In order to receive any emergency SOS messages for wild animals, about 58 control rooms were set up. 

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Satellite Technology, Monitoring Systems And More

asiatic cyclone
credits: wikimedia common

The state government used satellite technology to monitor the movements of lions. The forest department also has a high-tech lion movement monitoring system that helps them track lions. This is done by attaching radio collars to the lions, which live in groups. 

This helps to record their movements through a satellite link in the monitoring cell. The monitoring team has been keeping a watch on lions living in Gujarat’s coastal zone and Gir forest, which has about 40. 

The government has made sure to place teams at some “special locations” across the Gir Forest’s seven rivers. These teams were placed to rescue human lives and lions. All the people who have been living in the Gir area were taken to shelter homes. 46 safe shelters were created in Gir, while 45 were created in Barda for the people.  

About six special wildlife rescue teams carrying necessary equipment were also given different duties. There were diverse teams created and spread across the state to save the endangered Asian lions and other animals.

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We applaud their efforts!

Cover Image Courtesy: wikimedia commons